MONSTA X Share Their Thoughts On Making Comeback At Same Time As TVXQ And Naul

MONSTA X have shared their thoughts on the timing of their latest comeback!

The group’s most recent mini album “The Connect,” featuring the title track “Jealousy,” has been performing well both domestically and abroad since its release on March 27. Not only did MONSTA X manage to hit No. 1 on Korea’s Hanteo Chart within a day of the album’s release, but the group also topped realtime and daily iTunes K-Pop Album Charts in no less than 25 different countries.

In a recent interview with the group, news outlet Herald POP pointed out that the success of MONSTA X’s latest album was especially remarkable considering that their promotions overlap with the comebacks of several legendary artists, including TVXQ and Naul. When asked about how it felt to be making a comeback alongside such famous senior artists, I.M remarked, “I think it’s an honor for us to be able to promote at the same time. Whenever we make a comeback, there are always amazing artists who are also promoting.”

Hyungwon nodded in agreement, saying, “We’ve promoted alongside many great senior artists, including BoA and Super Junior.”

He went on to share that he didn’t consider it a disadvantage that they had often made comebacks at the same time as more prominent artists. “I don’t think it’s important whether our promotions overlap with anyone else’s,” he said. “Because we always monitor music show performances without fail, we really learn so many things from watching the performances of senior artists.”

The group also expressed confidence in their new album, declaring, “Each of the tracks on the album is high-quality. We packed the album with songs that we’d been saving because they were so precious. It’s to the extent where we could call all of the songs title tracks.”

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