Song Ji Hyo Shares Her Thoughts On Choi Ji Woo’s Secret Wedding And Her Own Marriage Plans

Song Ji Hyo has opened up about her personal thoughts on marriage.

In an interview with the Korea Economic Daily on March 29, Song Ji Hyo excitedly brought up fellow actress Choi Ji Woo’s surprise marriage, which had been revealed to the public earlier that day.

She remarked, “It turns out that Choi Ji Woo got married today. Isn’t it so cool of her to get married in secret?”

However, Song Ji Hyo shared that she herself is not planning to get married just yet. “I’m not thinking about marriage right now,” said the actress. “I’ll probably [get married] eventually.”

She went on to explain that she doesn’t want to rush into marriage because of pressure from other people or just because she’s reached a certain age. “I’m so happy with my life right now,” she said. “If I find someone [amazing] enough to make me want to change my lifestyle, then wouldn’t I end up getting married? I don’t want to get married just because the people around me pushed me into it.”

Song Ji Hyo revealed that instead, she has currently fallen head over heels for a different kind of companion—her new dog.

“In the past, I used to feel a little empty after coming home from work, so I would have a glass of beer,” she recalled. “But now, I may end up quitting drinking altogether because of my dog. Like raising a child, it’s hard, but it makes me so happy.”

Song Ji Hyo will be starring in the upcoming film “Wind, Wind, Wind” (literal title), which premieres on April 5.

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