Reported Details On Choi Ji Woo’s Wedding Ceremony Revealed

On March 29, Choi Ji Woo surprised fans with her marriage announcement. While preparing for the wedding, she was careful not to disclose any details as her husband is a non-celebrity.

According to news outlet TV Report, Choi Ji Woo’s wedding ceremony was entirely planned out by the actress herself.

After she shared beautiful wedding pictures, it was revealed that the wedding was held at a hotel in Seoul. Choi Ji Woo invited less than 100 guests consisting of her and her groom’s parents, relatives, and acquaintances.

The actress prepared everything from the wedding dress to the wedding hall. She did not accept any congratulatory money from guests, which is a common custom in Korean weddings. She also turned down sponsorship offers, so everything was fully paid by Choi Ji Woo and her groom.

Choi Ji Woo’s wedding dress was said to have been tailor-made for the actress, adding to her elegance and beauty.

Congratulations again to the couple!

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