PD Kim Tae Ho Discusses How He Feels About Finale Of “Infinite Challenge” Season

Kim Tae Ho, who has been directing MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” since 2005, recently sat down for an interview to discuss the popular show’s current season coming to an end.

Mentioning that the program had been running for 13 years, Kim Tae Ho said he still had a lot of regrets about his past decisions.

“It’s maybe because I went to a temple with Jo Se Ho two weeks ago but I watched the goodbyes calmly at yesterday’s wrap party,” he said. “I didn’t cry but the members did. The members especially would be used to coming to MBC every Thursday like a habit. We said we shouldn’t linger around MBC next week and run into each other. We also talked about going hiking together regularly. I don’t think it feels real yet, I’ll have to accept it gradually.”

Regarding his future plans, Kim Tae Ho explained, “I want to have some time off because I don’t know if a new program will come out. It was hard for me because I kept seeing myself coming back to ‘Infinite Challenge.’ I wanted to break out of that shell by going through difficult challenges, be it for a week or six months. So I want to think freely without discussing if it’s going to be ‘Infinite Challenge’ or not.”

Kim Tae Ho will take a break after “Infinite Challenge” airs its final episode of season one on March 31. A new season is to air after the fall of 2018. A music quiz show featuring idol groups and other singers will air as the follow-up in mid-April.

Watch the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” below!

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