Samuel Gives A Shoutout To BTOB’s Ilhoon For Featuring On His Title Track

Recently Samuel thanked BTOB’s Ilhoon on a radio show for featuring on his new song “One.”

On March 30, Samuel appeared as a guest on the SBS Power FM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.” Also in attendance was rapper Giant Pink.

One radio listener called in to say, “I was listening to Samuel’s title track ‘One’ when I heard a familiar voice. I looked it up and it said that BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon featured on the track.”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked Samuel if he was friends with Ilhoon before they collaborated on the song. “We didn’t know each other beforehand, but we got close on set while recording.”

He then shared, “When he came into the recording studio, his aura was totally different. I’m not even kidding, he began to rap and in an hour and a half he’d finished the whole rap, including the ad-libs.”

“The song came alive thanks to him,” he concluded. “If he’s listening to this show right now, I want to tell him thank you.”

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