Actor Lee Jong Soo Sued For Fraud + Agency Says They Can’t Get In Touch

Actor Lee Jong Soo is facing a lawsuit.

On March 28, a source from his agency Kook Entertainment stated to Xportsnews, “We have confirmed that a complaint has been filed against Lee Jong Soo. We are still in the process of confirming the exact details.”

The source continued, “At the beginning of this year, Lee Jong Soo told us that he would be taking a break from work for a year in order to pursue a weight-loss program. Now we can’t get in contact with him. We will reveal the exact details when we get in touch with him.”

According to TVReport, an acquaintance of Lee Jong Soo known as “A” sued him for defrauding them of money. “A” had introduced him to another acquaintance who was getting married and Lee Jong Soo had agreed to act as host for the wedding. He had received payment upfront for this, but absconded with the money without performing the service. The lawsuit also reportedly contained claims of various other frauds.

Later, Kook Entertainment released another statement saying, “We are sorry that one of our artists has caused so much trouble. We intended to check with the artist and release a statement with the exact details of the situation, but the artist has turned his phone off and it was difficult to confirm with him.”

The rest of the statement:

“In order to understand the situation, the agency visited the Seocho Police Station and confirmed that, at this stage in the police’s investigation, the reports that Lee Jong Soo has multiple complaints of fraud already filed against him are false.

“We looked at the original complaint and according to the lawsuit, Lee Jong Soo agreed to host an acquaintance’s wedding last Saturday (March 24), and received 850,000 won (about $800) on the Friday (Mar 23) from the plaintiff. Afterwards, Lee Jong Soo’s phone was turned off and the plaintiff was unable to get into contact with him. He then filed the lawsuit on March 28.

“Before we can check with our artist about the truth of this testimony, we would like to extend our deep apologies as an agency for the wedding that was not able to go as planned. We will make every effort to compensate the plaintiff for the damages incurred. We will also try and compensate the plaintiff’s acquaintance for having to get another host for the wedding on short order.

“Once again, we apologize for an artist from our agency having caused so much scandal due to his disreputable actions. As soon as we can get into contact with him and check his side of the story, we will release an official statement from the actor. We will endeavor to have the actor himself apologize to the plaintiff for his actions.”

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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