Kim Jung Hyun Talks About Meeting Up With Close College Friends Like EXO’s Suho

In a recent interview with news outlet MBN, Kim Jung Hyun talked about his friendships with his classmates from college.

The actor attended the Korean National University of the Arts as a part of the class of 2009 with Byun Yo Han, Park Jung MinLim Ji YeonKim Go Eun, and EXO’s Suho. They are all known to be close friends in real life, having previously mentioned they often talk in a group chat together and meet up when their schedules allow.

“I don’t remember the last time I rested,” Kim Jung Hyun shared. “It feels like I’ve been filming without a break. I would normally grab a cup of coffee with my friends, go on walks, and watch movies in my free time. Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my friends. I’ve been busy memorizing my lines.”

The actor explained, “It’s hard to match up schedules with Byun Yo Han and Park Jung Min because work has kept us so busy. It is a little easier to arrange a time to meet with the friends who are on a short break from activities and have more free time. But on top of that, these days my schedule fluctuates so much that it’s hard to make plans. We can only meet spontaneously.”

Giving an example, Kim Jung Hyun revealed, “Recently, while I was on the way home after midnight, I met up with EXO’s Suho and talked about this and that. We shared our concerns about our respective productions with each other.”

While he may be busy, the actor expressed that he wants to do as much as he can while he’s still in his 20s. “I want to live out the rest of my 20s without resting,” Kim Jung Hyun stated. “I want to work a little harder and do lots of different things in my 20s. That’s why I don’t want to take a break from filming. If the conditions allow me to continue to take on different challenges, then I want to keep going. My 20s make up my story. There were a lot of difficult times, but I hope that I can end on a high note.”

Kim Jung Hyun is currently appearing in JTBC’s “Waikiki.”

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