MONSTA X Opens Up About Their Regrets, Accomplishments, And Future Goals

As MONSTA X approaches their third anniversary, the group took a thoughtful look back at their past and opened up about their hopes for the future.

In a recent interview with SBS funE, MONSTA X talked about their new album “The Connect,” featuring the title track “Jealousy,” which was released earlier this week.

Referring to the success of their previous title track “Dramarama,” the members remarked, “We’ve had the experience of charting on the digital music charts in the past. Since it’s difficult to make it onto the charts, we didn’t expect much going into our promotions for our last album, but we ended up with great results, which made us happy. If we don’t expect anything, I think we’ll be pleased no matter what results we get.”

Minhyuk added, “I’m not expecting anything, but because I’m human, after having made it onto the charts [once before], I can’t help but hope a little. I want us to win first place on lots of music shows this time.”

When asked what they thought they had done well during their past three years as a group, Shownu replied, “One thing that I think we’ve been good at is being consistent in staying positive and thinking that things will go well [for the group], even when we could have thought that things were hard. It might seem somewhat unremarkable, but I think it was a really good thing [that we kept that attitude].”

Shownu continued, “In terms of what we could have done better, what comes to mind is the fact that we weren’t more outgoing. I wish I had been a little more outgoing on variety shows, and I think it would have been better if I’d been more skillful at making facial expressions during our performances.”

Jooheon commented, “We’ve been working on creating our own color as MONSTA X since our debut album, and I feel like ever since ‘Dramarama,’ we’ve been starting to finally establish our own unique color. I think it was good that we tried our hand at many different types of challenges, like taking on powerful hip hop while also showing our sexy side.”

He went on, “One thing I wish we’d done more of is [sharing] content. I think it would have been nice if we’d shared more content from the start, like mixtapes or other content related to individual members.”

When asked to describe the group’s distinctive color, Jooheon said, “Behind our powerful, energetic image that leaves a strong impression on people, I want to also show our warm hearts that are full of love for our fans. You can tell if you look at the songs on our albums, but we have a lot of songs in which we express our feelings for our fans.”

MONSTA X also shared that they hope to achieve more public recognition in the future. “Right now the general public still doesn’t know us that well,” they said, “but we hope that if we keep promoting with good music and performances in the future, there will come a time when they start to recognize and look for us. We want to do better in the future.”

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