Girl’s Day’s Yura Talks About A Time She Was Ignored By Junior Artist

Girl’s Day member Yura recently sat down for an interview with Star Daily News to commemorate the conclusion of her drama “Radio Romance.”

In the drama, Yura’s character Jin Tae Ri is not afraid to scold her juniors if they don’t greet her first. When asked if Yura is similar to Jin Tae Ri in real life, she responded, “I’m totally different. I don’t have the courage to fight against malicious commenters like how Jin Tae Ri did. I also don’t say anything if my juniors don’t greet me.”

Yura was then asked whether she had ever experienced a junior not greeting her. “There was just one time. Back when we filmed MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships,’ I saw someone outside the bathroom so I happily greeted them first, but they ignored me. It was my first and last time being ignored,” she shared.

When asked if the junior artist was someone famous, Yura replied that most people would know of the idol.

Meanwhile, you can watch Yura in “Radio Romance” below!

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