Daniel Henney Shares His Thoughts On Asian Representation

Daniel Henney discussed the importance of Asian representation in a recent interview and pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes.

He first shared, “I believe integrity to be the most important virtue. It’s the habits we form when we’re young and the personal way we deal with things that happen in our daily lives that make us ourselves.”He continued on to express his affection for Korea, saying, “I’m so happy every time there’s an element of Asian culture shown in an episode of an American drama. I think it’s important to introduce Asian culture to America and help viewers understand different cultures. Through my work, I hope that I can make Korea more known to Americans, even just a little bit.”

Daniel Henney is currently on the main cast of American drama “Criminal Minds” as FBI agent Matt Simmons.

The photos shared from the pictorial show off Daniel Henney’s charms and strong aura. Check out the images below! Source (1)