Girl’s Day’s Yura Talks About Her Close Friendship With “Radio Romance” Co-Stars

Following the recent conclusion of “Radio Romance,” Girl’s Day’s Yura took time to talk about the drama and her co-stars through an interview.

First, she talked about acting alongside Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon who also happens to be her idol colleague. When asked if she felt comfortable about meeting him through the same drama, she honestly replied, “Actually, it was rather awkward because we met before as singers.”

Then she added, “He was more sociable than I thought. Yesterday, all of the the ‘Radio Romance’ actors went to an escape room and played pool together. [Doojoon and I] are close now, so I’m very comfortable with him. I’m glad that we became friendly faster than I thought we would. For nearly seven to eight episodes, I acted mostly with Oh Hyun Kyung, so I think we became close pretty late.”

When asked about the team’s mood maker, Yura couldn’t choose one. She said all of them were lively, especially Kwak Dong Yeon and Yoon Park and expressed her regret about not being able to film more with them.

Yura continued, “There was one scene where we all gathered to film together. It was a scene where I went to the house of Ji Soo Ho [Yoon Doo Joon] and angrily told him to come out. It was the first time I met Dong Yeon then, and it was also the first time we were all together. However, the atmosphere was great. I would laugh with the other actors [during break time] but get angry when the cameras rolled. I said, ‘I want to laugh while filming, too.’ I wanted to film with them a lot. I was only able to film one-to-one scenes, and there weren’t many group scenes for me, so I still feel sad about it now.”

Watch the final episode of “Radio Romance” below if you haven’t already:

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