Song Ji Hyo Compares Her Sexiness To That Of Lee El

In a recent interview with news outlet TV Report, Song Ji Hyo compared herself to fellow actress and co-star Lee El.

Song Ji Hyo and Lee El will be starring together in the upcoming film “Wind, Wind, Wind” (literal title), which premieres on April 5. In the film, Song Ji Hyo plays the role of social media addict Mi Young, while Lee El plays Jenny, the femme fatale with whom Mi Young’s husband is having an extramarital affair.

Song Ji Hyo couldn’t speak highly enough of Lee El, praising her co-star’s effortless beauty. “Lee El exudes a sexy charm just by being there,” said Song Ji Hyo. “To compare it to Lee El’s current musical ‘Amadeus,’ she’s the Mozart of sexiness.”

“If I had played the role of Jenny,” she went on, “I think I would have had to put in a huge amount of effort [to look sexy]. People would probably have said that I was clearly trying very hard.”

However, the actress added jokingly, “I don’t mean to say that I don’t have any sexy charms of my own. I think I’m at the level of a Salieri.”

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