Upcoming Film With Choi Il Hwa Aims To Replace And Reshoot After Controversy

The upcoming film “Negotiation” (working title) is looking for a replacement for one of its actors, Choi Il Hwa.

In February, Choi Il Hwa admitted that the allegations of sexual harassment against him were true and was subsequently removed from his position of academic advisor at Sejong University as well as his upcoming projects “Hold Me Tight” and “Along with the Gods 2.”

On March 29, a source from the production company of the upcoming film “Negotiation” told JoyNews24, “We have confirmed plans for reshoots and we are currently searching for Choi Il Hwa’s replacement. The crew is planning to finish reshoots by the end of April.”

JK Films is the production company for the upcoming film and CJ Entertainment is an investor. The film is a crime thriller about a member of a crisis negotiation team at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency who has to negotiate for his own boss’s release. The cast includes Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Sang Ho, Jang Young Nam, and Jang Gwang.

The role that Choi Il Hwa had played was that of an antagonist. Principal filming was completed in the summer of 2017.

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