Park Bo Gum And YoonA Have Fun Playing Games On

On the April 1 episode of “Hyori’s Homestay 2,” all the cast spent a relaxing day and had fun playing the game of Mafia.

After the guests all went out, Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon, Park Bo Gum, and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA had some time to themselves. Lee Hyori and YoonA chose to visit a nearby beach. Upon arrival, YoonA couldn’t hide her surprise at the beautiful Jeju scenery. As the two walked alongside the beach, Lee Hyori sang for YoonA and told her, “You did a good job today.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Soon and Park Bo Gum set out for a walk with their dogs. The two spent time getting to know each other and even took selfies together.

After having dinner, Lee Sang Soon also gave Park Bo Gum a tour of his studio and taught him to play an easy song on a guitar. Park Bo Gum showed off his ability to sing and play the piano in the studio, impressing everyone.

When the guests returned to the house, Lee Hyori suggested that they all get together in the living room and play the Mafia Game. In this popular game, the participants become “citizens” and have to correctly guess who among them is a “mafia” member.

After explaining the rules, the game began. Lee Hyori, who said it was her first time playing the Mafia Game, turned out to be very bad at it, adding fun to the game. YoonA and Park Bo Gum, being professional actors, showed off impressive poker faces throughout the game and successfully confused everyone. The usually calm Lee Sang Soon was completely immersed in the game as well.

The fierce game went on for a long time until it was finally time for the guests to go to bed.

“Hyori’s Homestay 2” airs every Sunday on JTBC at 9 p.m. KST.

Check out some clips of them playing below!

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