First “Weekly Idol” Episode With New MCs To Feature Impressive Idol Lineup

“Weekly Idol” is gearing up for its second season!

According to industry representatives, the program’s new season began filming on April 2 with the new MCs Lee Sang Min, Kim Shin Young, and Yoo Se Yoon.

The first episode will be a special celebration for the new MCs, with various idols present to congratulate them. Members of groups including BTOB, Apink, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and MAMAMOO are reportedly featuring on the episode.

A representative commented, “The full groups are not attending. It will be with members who are acquainted with the 3 MCs or have played special hosting roles on ‘Weekly Idol.'”

The second season of “Weekly Idol” will premiere sometime this month.

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Top photo credit: Xportsnews