EXID's Junghwa Reveals How She Also Fell For Hani's April Fool's Day Prank

During an appearance on the April 2 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street,” EXID discussed their latest comeback as well as shared funny stories about each other.

As April Fool’s Day had just passed, Junghwa revealed how she had unknowingly fallen for Hani’s prank. She explained, “I was browsing [through Instagram] on my phone, and the username was definitely Hani’s. However, the photos as well as the captions seemed like they were from LE. I thought my phone was broken.”

“I left a comment asking, ‘Is my phone acting up?'” Junghwa said while laughing. “As it turns out, Hani had jokingly pretended that she was LE on her Instagram for April Fool’s Day.”

Hani commented, “It was a very satisfying day. I would have been sad if Junghwa didn’t fall for it, but I was happy because she did.”

The members also playfully brought up grievances they had against each other. When LE talked about how Hyerin had once bragged about back ribs that her grandma had cooked but didn’t even at least invite LE to come and try them, Hyerin made everyone laugh when she responded, “Actually, there were only six ribs. However, I had been so excited that I had eaten four of them already. I couldn’t just invite her over when there were only two left.”

Hyerin then recalled what happened when she invited her fellow members over for a housewarming party. “It was a Saturday. Because of a drainage pipe issue, the elevator was down,” the idol confessed. “I continued with the housewarming party without telling the members.” Junghwa commented, “I knew about it but I still went over to her house with 20 bottles of soju. When Hyerin expressed her apologies, Junghwa replied that she had forgiven her and would never bring up the topic again.

Meanwhile, EXID recently made a comeback with their title track “Lady.” Check out the music video here!

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