5 Things We Loved And 2 Things We Hated About

This past week’s episodes are full of butterflies as the relationships between two couples move forward. Our hilarious Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) is finally making his moves on Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) and we’re hoping for nothing but the best between these two. Also, it seems as though Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) is finally coming to his senses and realizes that he can’t live without Tae Hee (Red Velvet’s Joy).

Here’s a look at five things we loved and two things we hated about episodes 13-16 of “Tempted.”

LOVED: Soo Ji and Se Joo kissing

We know how much Se Joo is in love with Soo Ji and it’s one of my favorite parts of the storyline in the series. I love how surprised he looks and I’m cheering for the two to end up together.


LOVED: Shi Hyun finally telling Tae Hee that he likes her

Ok, so he said that he THINKS he likes her, but it’s a big step for him regardless. He’s finally realizing his feelings for Tae Hee are strong. On top of that, he realizes that his feelings for Soo Ji are strictly platonic. Let’s hope his feelings are steadfast from here on out and that he isn’t negatively influenced by Soo Ji in future episodes!

HATED: Joy being so quick to take Shi Hyun back… AGAIN.

This is getting a bit annoying. As much as I like Joy and am rooting for the two to be together, I can’t help but be frustrated with her quick decision to give Shi Hyun a chance, especially after the world-crashing break-up at the end of last week’s episode.


BUT LOVED: Tae Hee and Shi Hyun being lovey dovey

I have to admit, the part where Tae Hee is taking care of Shi Hyun is adorable. Seeing Shi Hyun depend on Tae Hee shows how far he’s come in terms of trusting her and letting her into his life.


ALSO LOVED: This hug scene

Seeing Tae Hyun and Shi Hyun in each other’s embrace after a long day warmed my heart. They’ve quickly opened up to each other and it’s nice to see that they can rely on each other for emotional support.


HATED: All the drama with Shi Hyun’s dad and Soo Ji’s mom

There is just too much of it. They focus a bit too much on this during this week’s episodes and although I’m a fan of drama, I felt like they’re dragging it on to fill in the episodes. We get that the parents have a business-related relationship and that Soo Ji’s mom is emotionally unstable, but I’d be down with more scenes dedicated to our OTP or Se Joo and Soo Ji.

LOVED: That kiss scene

Not only is this kiss scene super pretty and romantic, but I love how Shi Hyun reveals his feelings for Tae Hee. Although she doesn’t really get to hear it, at least it brings some peace to the viewers knowing that he genuinely does love her and care about her.

The romance!

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