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Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy are warm and considerate co-stars behind-the-scenes.

In a recently released behind-the-scenes making video, the two work together on a scene where Woo Do Hwan is hospitalized and Joy comes to visit. In the beginning of the scene, they work hard to put their emotions into their lines. However, the scene ends abruptly as an NG when Woo Do Hwan’s stomach adorably growls.

The actors stayed up all night filming, and so when they got to this scene, there were a few mistakes with the lines. In between takes, the two would quickly glance at their scripts to confirm their lines. In between one of the takes, Woo Do Hwan sweetly held Joy’s sleeve as he memorized his lines.

The pair faced their greatest challenge when Woo Do Hwan had to put a necklace around Joy’s neck. He first fumbled with the clasp, which made Joy smile. Then when he did get it open, he had trouble actually getting it around her neck. Eventually, the director decided to have it already on Joy’s neck and edit it in a way so that Woo Do Hwan wouldn’t have to take it on and off.

While waiting for their next set of lines, Joy had to take off the necklace. She half-teased, “Can you put it on again?” to which he smiled and responded, “No I think we have to do it separately again.” However, Joy had trouble with the clasp as well, so eventually Woo Do Hwan took it off for her.

They then filmed the last bit of the scene when Joy told Woo Do Hwan to go to sleep, and that they would go home together in the morning. Woo Do Hwan cheekily replied, “Are we going to sleep together?” The two actors were able to keep a straight face, but the director couldn’t hold it in, and giggled while ending the scene.

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