10 Unforgettable Moments To Celebrate 6 Years With EXO

Since their debut in 2012, EXO has risen to become one of the most famous K-pop groups of all time. Their hard work and dedication led them to countless music show wins and award prizes. They’ve been breaking records left and right, and they never fail to deliver amazing music and memorable performances. Looking back on their six years spent together, there are just way too many unforgettable achievements to mention.

Let’s look at some of their greatest moments to celebrate six years with EXO!

Their first win

If there’s one thing engraved in every EXO-L’s heart, it’s the first music show win of the group. It’s easy to see just how touched they were when years of hard work finally seemed to pay off. No matter how many times you watch this video, leader Suho’s speech will leave you in tears.

“Growl” became a real K-pop anthem

“Growl” is a must for every K-pop fan! The catchy chorus, the iconic music video, the dance moves everyone wants to learn… EXO’s “Growl” has it all! Just look at this video compilation of idols dancing to every EXO-L’s anthem!

The kings of Grand Prizes

Fans like to call the boys “Daesang Harvesting Machines,” and looking at their achievements in the past six years, they couldn’t be more accurate. They snatched more than 20 Grand Prizes from different award shows so far, and they even hold the Guinness Record for Most Daesangs Won At Mnet Asian Music Awards. Speaking of MAMA, EXO has another record to brag about: since 2013, the group has received the Album of the Year award for five consecutive years.

Watch the boys receiving their sixth MAMA Daesang last year!

Their impressive world tours

EXO is currently on their fourth tour, “EXO Planet #4 – The EℓyXiOn,” and the shows are as spectacular as they can be. Tickets for the first three shows in Seoul sold out in 0.2 seconds, beating their own record of 0.4 seconds on their second tour. Their second tour was their biggest so far, gathering over 740,000 fans around the world, and we can only hope for many more epic concerts from the boys.

They are amazing live!

A successful subunit

EXO-CBX is EXO’s first subunit consisting of members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. The trio debuted in 2016 with “Hey Mama!” and the song became an instant hit: the album had the most sales for a subunit in 2016. The three boys also debuted in Japan in 2017 and are currently preparing for a Korean comeback in April, ready to shake fans’ hearts again.

The solo activities

It seems impossible to list every solo activity of the nine members: D.O.’s successful acting career; Suho’s roles in musicals and dramas; Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin, and Chanyeol’s active participation in singing OSTs; Kai’s dance performances; and maknae Sehun’s many magazine covers…EXO members are not afraid to showcase their talents in many areas, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Member Lay is also active as a solo artist in China, and his singles and albums are always a hit! His first EP “Lose Control” was a real commercial success both in China and Korea!

The wide variety of music styles and comeback concepts

Life is never boring with EXO, and every single one of their comebacks showed us a new side of them. Their concepts vary from wolves to superheroes, and they have experimented with many different music styles including EDM, R&B, and hip hop.

Their 2017 comeback “Ko Ko Bop” is a great example of what EXO is capable of!

Quadraple million sellers

EXO members are real monsters and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to album sales. Their four studio albums all exceeded a million sales, making them quadraple million sellers! Back in 2013, EXO was the first group in 12 years to sell a million physical copies of their first album, and they continued to exceed a million sales with “Exodus,” “Ex’Act,” and “The War.”

Listen to one of their greatest hits from their second studio album!

The Dubai Fountain Show

2018 started with exciting news for EXO-Ls: EXO’s “Power” became the first K-pop song to play at The Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, which is located on Burj Khalifa Lake in Dubai. Seven members traveled to Dubai the watch the spectacular show live, and a huge crowd of fans was also there to celebrate with them.


EXO was the only K-pop group and one of the two K-pop acts to perform at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The boys stole the show for sure and many international media outlets were writing about them after the amazing performance. Not to mention how the boys blew up social media sites: the hashtags #EXOlympics and #Olympics_EXO were trending for hours!

Is this how legends are born? Probably. But EXO’s story is nowhere near its end, and EXO-Ls will get just as many sweet moments filled with amazing hits, legendary performances, awards, and records in the future. Here’s to celebrating many more awesome years with EXO!


Soompiers! What are your favorite EXO memories from the past six years? Tell us in the comments below!

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