WINNER Explains How Their New Release

WINNER has shared part of the story behind their new release “EVERYD4Y,” which is their first full album in four years.

In an interview with Oh My News on their comeback day of April 4, the members said, “We’re grateful for singles too, but we’re so happy that we’ve released a full album.”

“We were originally thinking of a mini album with about five songs, but [Yang Hyun Suk] gave us a deadline,” explained Kang Seung Yoon. “He said that he’d accept songs until that weekend, and if there weren’t any songs that were alright, then we’d go with a mini album. So we took the songs that we’d just sketched out before and been saving, and we spent a week staying up all night so we could complete them. Then we sent eight of them to him. Thankfully, he said that all eight of them were good, so it turned into a full album.”

“It’s a bit strange to say this myself but we’re kind of workaholics,” said Song Mino. “Even when we’re resting, we work on songs. We really wanted to put out a full album so we recorded them in one go and sent them, but Yang Hyun Suk said, ‘Why have you been keeping these great songs to yourself and not sending them to me?’ It was really great.”

After taking on the tropical house genre last year for their hit “Really Really,” WINNER’s title track “Everyday” this time around was inspired by trap music.

Kang Seung Yoon explained, “We’ve been into trap music and are listening to it a lot lately, so that’s how we ended up doing it.” He added, “We received a lot of love last year through our tropical house music, but it would be boring and tiring to do exactly the same thing just because it was a genre that did well. We thought about what WINNER hasn’t done yet and what we could do for the first time.”

Song Mino said, “Rather than being a group that aims for a certain genre, we want to just enjoy making good music.” He also commented, “In addition to the music itself, we also took part in the album design, and the photos and font, so it’s album that we have an even bigger attachment to.”

When asked to recommend a track on their album, Kang Seung Yoon chose “Special Night,” a song that Lee Seung Hoon co-composed and co-wrote the lyrics for. He shared that when Lee Seung Hoon had written the melody, he thought he was a genius and was really impressed. “He’s someone who’s never even studied music, so it’s amazing,” Kang Seung Yoon said.

WINNER’s title track “Everyday” rose to the top of realtime charts only hours after its release on April 4.

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