As of April 6, ARMY is officially in BTS comeback preparation mode.

Today at midnight KST, BTS released a beautiful, moving video entitled “Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder,” which many fans are seeing as the beginning of BTS’s lead-up to their much-anticipated comeback.

The “起” in the title of the video means “start” or “introduction,” and it’s the first character in a phrase that describes the structure of a classic narrative. The character for their fall 2017 mini album “Love Yourself 承 Her” was the second character in the phrase, which means “development,” and the members explained in the past that their releases in the “Love Yourself” series will be coming out in a non-chronological order.

BTS’s social media accounts now changed to a new color scheme and including the text “Love Yourself 起 Wonder.”

The new “Euphoria” video for “Love Yourself 起 Wonder” introduces a gorgeous track sung by Jungkook, as well as continues to tell the story that has run throughout many of their releases. Of course, the task of figuring out just how “Euphoria” connects to the storyline of their previous videos has been left up to their fans ARMY.

The level of excitement and curiosity all over the world about BTS’s new video is illustrated by how “Euphoria” is currently the No. 1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter!

With over 2 million tweets using the hashtag so far, ARMY is showing a whole range of reactions to the surprise video.

Some ARMYs immediately went into investigation mode and came up with some theories and insights.

Others are giving everyone the feels when they share things they’ve noticed in the video.

More ARMYs have spotted some equally important things.

Overall, the new video’s got everyone like:

What are your thoughts after the release of the “Euphoria” video? Let us know below!

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