Kim So Hyun Shares What Were The Most Difficult Scenes To Film In

Recently actress Kim So Hyun gave an interview to talk about her most recent drama “Radio Romance.”

Sharing which scenes from the drama were the most difficult to film, she said, “There was a scene where I was getting yelled at by another writer for doing a poor job on the script. In the script [for the drama], Geu Rim [her character name] was very cheerful. But I couldn’t imagine a situation in which I would be smiling while someone was angry with me. So I tried to go with my real feelings when we shot the scene.”

In another scene, Geu Rim was driving a car, but Kim So Hyun has not yet got her driver’s license. “I passed the technical skill test but I haven’t done the road driving test yet,” she said. “There was no time because of the filming schedule so I had to push it back. So it did feel awkward to film the driving scenes. I made sure to look out for them in the drama and I realized that I got so absorbed in the acting that I kept looking to the side. People commented funny things like, ‘Everything is good but I wish she’d look forward a bit.’ I realized I had to pay attention to details like that.”

Kim So Hyun also tried her hand at a drunk scene for the first time. “They were the most difficult scenes to film,” she said. “It wasn’t that there was a lot of pressure. The first time I did one of those scenes, I thought I put it all out there. But the writer told me that I’d improve as I went on and kept putting in more scenes like that. The editing was done really well so that it looked like Geu Rim was a pro at drinking.”

In reality, the actress tried alcohol for the first time in January and has never been drunk. “In January, I tried some sparkling wine with my mom,” she said. “I had about half a cup. I’ve never been drunk or had a hangover and I don’t really want to experience those things. But you build up experience over time, right?”

Finally, she said, “When I get older, I want to try roles like a prosecutor or a lawyer. I want to do it when it won’t look awkward for me to stand in a court. At this age, I want to play a college student. I think it’s good to build your filmography with works that are appropriate for your age at the time. When I was in middle school, I played a middle school student, and when I was in high school, I played a high school student. My filmography turned out to contain snapshots of my maturity [laughs].”

You can watch “Radio Romance” on Viki below:

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