11 Times K-Pop Girl Groups Covered Boy Group Songs Flawlessly

Have you ever wondered how your favorite K-pop boy group songs would sound like if girls did covers of them? Some of the most popular and talented girl groups have already challenged themselves to cover boy groups’ biggest hits from the last few years, and needless to say, the results were amazing!

Let’s give a listen to some of the greatest girl group covers!

MAMAMOO – “Sunset Glow” (BIGBANG)

BIGBANG’s “Sunset Glow” (a cover of Lee Moon Sae’s hit of the same name from 1988) is one of the catchiest summer anthems of the 2000s, and the ladies of MAMAMOO were able to showcase their incredible vocals while performing the song on “M!Countdown.” Their retro outfits matched very well with the summer vibes of the song.

TWICE – “Confession Song” (GOT7)

Do you need a better Christmas gift than the beautiful girls of TWICE covering GOT7’s cute song? Probably not. Celebrating Christmas with the nine girls looks so much fun, and hearing their amazing vocals will make every Once happy.

Girls’ Generation – “Sorry, Sorry” (Super Junior)

Legends covering legends? No problem for SM artists! Girls’ Generation took our breath away with their unique cover of “Sorry, Sorry.” They were not afraid to add their own touches to the song, and if you ever need a chill, laid back version of this mega hit, just listen to this cover!

EXID – “Shock” (Beast/Highlight)

EXID was not playing around with this shocking cover! They perfected both the vocals and the dance moves of this Highlight classic, and LE’s rapping was outstanding as well. We would love to see a full cover though!


The PRISTIN girls wasted no time in covering their seniors’ songs before their debut, and one of their greatest moments as PLEDIS Girlz was definitely their rendition of “Adore U.” Their personalities matched well with the playful choreography, and it’s impossible not to smile after this sweet video!


BLACKPINK excels at everything they do, and their fans were happy to hear them sing their seniors’ song on “Kiss The Radio.” They captured the atmosphere of “Loser” amazingly, and they showed off their amazing rapping and singing skills, as well.

BESTie – “Mamacita” (Super Junior)

Who would have thought Super Junior’s iconic hit could work as a girl group song as well? BESTie totally owned this concept, and their cover of “Mamacita” just shows how super talented these girls are. The choreo worked wonderfully, too!

LABOUM – “H.E.R” (Block B)

The LABOUM girls are real bombs of energy performing Block B’s “H.E.R.” Yulhee delivers Zico’s lines impressively, and the vocals are on point, too! Their stage presence is the greatest strength of this cover, and the girls seem to know very well just how adorable they are.

DreamCatcher – “Really Really” (WINNER)

DreamCatcher is a group full of potential, and their cover of WINNER’s hit song just proves how talented they are. They captured the freshness of the song perfectly and the whole cover just screams fun. This will definitely put a huge smile on your face!

SONAMOO – “White Night” (UP10TION)

There’s just so much to love about SONAMOO, and the girls did an amazing job covering UP10TION’s “White Night.” They were able to demonstrate their powerful dance and vocal skills, and everything about this cover just radiates talent! Way to go, girls!

CLC – “On Rainy Days” (Beast/Highlight)

We’ve watched CLC slaying their powerful choreographies and having a great time performing their uplifting dance songs many times, so seeing them slowing it down a bit with this cover of “On Rainy Days” is just astonishing. This pure, stripped down, and emotional rendition of the song is powerful, and the girls even play instruments while singing!

Soompiers! Which covers are your current favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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