UNB Opens Up About Their Upcoming Debut, Support From Original Groups, And Future Goals

UNB recently met up with YTN Star to talk about their upcoming debut, the support they receive from their original groups, and their goals for the future.

UNB is a project group formed through KBS’s idol rebooting show “The Unit” and all nine members had already made their debut through their respective groups before appearing on the show.

They will be releasing their first mini album “Boyhood,” which will contain the stories of the past six months that the members have spent together. Hansol explained, “The past six months have been a time for us to grow and learn things we didn’t know before,” and Euijin added, “Though we’d each debuted before, we still learned so much. It makes me excited to see what will come next for us.”

The members also opened up about making their second debut. Hojung said, “It was an odd feeling to be with a new group. It felt different from my first debut, and I think it’s also because I’ve changed as a person too. Most of all, I think I feel a greater sense of responsibility.” Euijin stated, “We have a different starting point from most groups because we are a group created through the public’s votes. We’re doing our best to create a big synergy together.”

Each member of UNB also bragged about getting supportive messages from their original groups. Jun smiled as he said, “Because I’m the youngest member [in U-KISS], the other U-KISS members worry about about me a lot. It’s nice to be taken care of like that by them.”

With so much support from both their fans and their original groups by their side, UNB is ready to make their debut with their double title tracks “Sense” and “Only One.” Euijin explained, “When we were working on our new music, we liked to listened to it together and share our opinions. What we talked about the most was wanting to share our own personal stories,” and “That’s when we decided that we wanted to create the music we wanted, rather than trying to make music that has mass appeal. That’s also why we chose to release two title tracks. We have so much music we want to share with people.”

Finally, UNB spoke about their goals for their debut. Hansol chose, “Ranking in the top 10 on music charts, and getting a win on a music show.” The other members chimed in and also shared their dreams of holding a concert together. Euijin said, “Our parents went through a lot, as much as we did. We hope to be able to perform in front of them at a concert.” Marco shared, “I hope we can be a long-running group rather than a group that shines for just a moment,” and Euijin and Feeldog concluded with, “We hope we do better in the future and become an icon of hope and challenges for many people.”

UNB will be releasing their debut mini album “Boyhood” on April 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

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