5 Burning Questions We Had After Episodes 17-20 Of

We are now officially halfway through “Tempted” and the questions we’ve got so far have just continued to get more intense after this past week’s episodes. The already complicated relationships between all the characters have become even more dramatic and confusing. Will there ever be closure?

Here are just some of the questions we had after this past week’s episodes.

Will the drama continue between Shi Hyun and Tae Hee?

If Tae Hee finds out that Shi Hyun’s mom was the one responsible for her hit and run, is it going to jeopardize their relationship AGAIN? I have to say, I’m getting bored of the cat and mouse game between the two, and the fact that they keep breaking up and getting back together is getting annoying. Let’s just keep the two together or keep them broken up for more than an episode, please.

At the beginning of the episode:


And at the end:

Will Se Joo and Soo Ji get together?


It’s a complicated relationship, we know. Not only are they best friends, but Soo Ji also likes Shi Hyun, which makes it a whole mess. Se Joo kissing Soo Ji seems to have caught her off guard and she’s not so sure how she feels about Se Joo anymore, but hopefully she realizes how genuine Se Joo’s feelings for her really are. I do think Soo Ji has great chemistry with Shi Hyun, but for the sake of of Se Joo and how much he loves Soo Ji, I hope they end up together.

Why did Shi Hyun have to break up with Tae Hee?

I understand Shi Hyun feels the burden of having to take responsibility over his mother’s hit and run, but he’s not even 100 percent sure that his mom had anything to do with Tae Hee’s accident. Also, the way he pushes her away is totally uncalled for. Does he have to do it in front of not only his best friends, but her best friend, too? I wish he had waited to get more facts before deciding to throw in the towel.

Will Shi Hyun’s dad actually marry Soo Ji’s mom?

I know that Shi Hyun’s dad getting together with Tae Hee’s mom is not technically incestuous as he’s not blood-related to Shi Hyun, but it still kind of feels wrong. I’m all for true love and hoping that the two parents find their happily ever after, but it seems like their timing has always been totally off. Not to mention, Shi Hyun’s dad has always chosen the business route in terms of his marriages over true love.

Which also leads to the question…

Will Shi Hyun’s dad approve of Shi Hyun and Soo Ji getting engaged?

I have a feeling that this part of the drama might make things messier. If Shi Hyun decides to go through with the engagement that Soo Ji wants because he wants to keep Tae Hee at arms length, then this will definitely call for some more twists and turns in between the relationships. We know that Shi Hyun’s dad doesn’t actually love Soo Ji’s mom, so he might actually give them permission to get engaged. Will we see a proposal in the near future?

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Hey Soompiers, what questions do you have after this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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