Rain And Lee Dong Gun's Upcoming Drama Holds First Script Reading

Upcoming JTBC drama “Sketch” held their first script reading!

“Sketch” is an investigative action drama about a detective, who lost his lover, and a female detective, who can draw what will happen three days before its occurrence.

The drama recently released photos from its first script reading held in March. Rain, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Jin Young, Kang Shin Il, Lim Hwa Young, and more attended the script reading, as well as director Lim Tae Woo and writer Kang Hyun Sung.

Rain, who will be taking on the role of ace detective Kang Dong Soo, led the script reading. He was able to convey the grief of his character, who had dreamed of marrying his love but was unable to prevent the death of his fiancée.

Lee Dong Gun’s character is Kim Do Jin, a sergeant who had lost his wife and unborn child. The actor was able to portray his character’s vengeful spirit of losing everything in his happy life.

Lee Sun Bin took on the role of Yoo Shi Hyun, a detective who is constantly on the move to block the deaths that she draws in her sketches. Jung Jin Young took over the script reading with his mysterious aura as Jang Tae Joon, a man who has an even stronger clairvoyance than Yoo Shi Hyun.

Kang Shin Il and Lim Hwa Young also made quite the impression as members of the Butterfly Project, a special investigative team that includes Rain and Lee Sun Bin. Kang Shin Il plays the leader of the Butterfly Project, and Lim Hwa Young plays the technical assistant Oh Young Shim, a character who provides crucial information to the team.

The production staff commented, “The two characters, who lose the women they love, create an astounding level of immersion and tension. The drama will have a detailed story, so please look forward to the first episode.”

“Sketch” will be directed by Lim Tae Woo, who also produced “Air City,” “Dandelion Family,” “The Duo,” and “Yoo Na’s Street.” It is written by Kang Hyun Sung, who also wrote, “Chosun Police,” “Hidden Identity,” and the film “The King’s Case Note.”

The drama is slated to air in May after the conclusion of “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”

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