2AM's Changmin Shares His Appreciation For BigHit Entertainment As He Makes Solo Debut Under Own Agency

2AM and Homme’s Changmin shared his thoughts on starting a one-person agency and expressed his appreciation towards his former agency BigHit Entertainment.

Changmin made his solo debut on April 11 with his first solo mini albm “the Bright sky.” He recently left BigHit Entertainment to embark on a new adventure, as he’s started a one-person agency. Changmin was also previously an artist at JYP Entertainment.

“For ten years, I trained and was active at the best large companies,” he said. “I thought a lot about what I could do with the knowledge I’d gained over those ten years. I realized that there are things about myself that I thought are strengths, and things that my agency sees as strengths, and I wanted to create myself through those two things.”

“It’s very hard,” he continued. “I’m a young entrepreneur. On one hand, it’s good to be designing my own life, while there’s also the responsibility of being the head of a company.”

Changmin said that when he told BigHit founder Bang Shi Hyuk that he was going to set up a company, Bang Shi Hyuk said to him, “You have to do well, show what you can do.”

“After working with BigHit for eight years, I thought about going to another agency as well,” Changmin said. “But I think that the company that understands me the best and has affection for me is BigHit. So when I went to other agencies, the biggest question for me was, ‘Can they be like BigHit and have affection for me as they make plans?’ There are times when albums don’t do well, but despite that, BigHit made my albums because they had affection for me.”

Changmin expressed his gratitude towards BigHit and said he plans to continue his cooperative relationship with the agency in the future.

Changmin’s new solo mini album features the title track “Think Too Much.” Check out the music video here!

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