Oh My Girl Talks Of Dramatic Concept Change With

Oh My Girl recently sat down for an interview to talk about their new unit album “Banana Allergy Monkey.”

Although it is a unit album, all members of Oh My Girl participated. The group’s special unit BANHANA sang the title track “Banana Allergy Monkey” while members not part of the unit sang the other two tracks in the album, “It Is Said” and “I’m Not In Love With You.”

During the interview, Oh My Girl talked about the concept of “Banana Allergy Monkey,” which is very different from their last title track, “Secret Garden.” “You should think of it as a so-called pop-up shop,” they said. “This album is completely different from the concepts Oh My Girl have covered so far.”

Some fans were taken aback with the group’s sudden change in concept. When asked about this, Oh My Girl replied, “Rather than thinking of it as an abrupt change, we’d like to say that it’s a new challenge that’s possible because we’re Oh My Girl. The fact that we gave them a refreshing shock itself is really fascinating and that shows they’re interested in Oh My Girl, so we’re grateful for that. Of course, such a different concept from ‘Secret Garden’ may be surprising, but isn’t Oh My Girl’s nickname ‘Concept Fairies’? We hope that you’ll look forward to Oh My Girl who always takes on challenges and changes through them.”

Oh My Girl went on to explain the different messages each song conveys. “Oh My Girl’s songs have individual meanings,” they said. “While ‘Secret Garden’ talks of a wish that you desperately want to come true, the new track ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ has a message that happiness comes when you overcome your complex.” They added that the song also carries the idea of a challenge for Oh My Girl as they hope to pull off various genres and concepts.

With their third debut anniversary coming up on April 21, Oh My Girl shared that their goal was to become a group that communicates with more fans. They said, “Our dream is to communicate with various fans in and out of the country and go on overseas tours as well as hold solo concerts in Korea. Also, Oh My Girl members have a lot of talent. They have infinite potential, including the members who talk well, the members who dance well, and the members who sing well. As we consistently show off those aspects, we’ll also try to become Oh My Girl who never changes as a team.”

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