7 Times Jung Hae In Made Us Fall In Love In

Jung Hae In currently appears in the JTBC drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” and has been stealing hearts on and off-screen.

With his cute looks and candid lines, he has won the heart of his on-screen girlfriend Son Ye Jin as well as the viewers’ hearts.

Check out Jung Hae In’s sweetest lines from the drama that helped him to successfully transform from a friend’s younger brother to a boyfriend.

1. “Get lost.”

When Son Ye Jin’s cheating ex-boyfriend came to see her in front of her office, Jung Hae In suddenly appeared by her side and pretended to be her boyfriend.

When the ex-boyfriend exclaimed that he was her boyfriend, Jung Hae In didn’t blink an eye and told him to get lost. He then threatened, “Are you a stalker? Do you want me to call the police?”

2. “You’re prettier.”

In order to incite some jealousy, Jung Hae In made plans with another woman within earshot of Son Ye Jin. It must’ve worked because she then asked, “Do guys just like girls who are pretty?”

Jung Hae In answered, “It’s nice,” and added, “You’re prettier.”

3. “Let go of her hand.”

The antics of Son Ye Jin’s ex-boyfriend continued when he showed up at her house for dinner. When Jung Hae In walked in and saw the ex-boyfriend grabbing her arm, he couldn’t hold in his anger.

He shouted, “Let go of her hand,” and dragged him outside.

4. “Can you not go in?”

Jung Hae In walked Son Ye Jin to the front of her apartment building as usual. But this time, he stood in front of the apartment keypad and asked, “Can you not go in?” suggesting they go on a late night date.

Surprised, Son Ye Jin asked him where they would go and he slyly replied, “What did you just think about?”

5. “We’re now man and woman?”

Son Ye Jin finally took the leap and secretly held his hand under the table, revealing her feelings for him during a night out with their co-workers.

Later when they were alone, Jung Hae In expressed disappointment and asked her why she held his hand. “I was going to hold your hand first,” he confessed. She replied, “When? You don’t know how important timing is for a man and a woman.”

Upon hearing that he was no longer seen as a younger brother but a man, he broke into a smile and asked, “We’re now man and woman?”

6. “I’m hurting.”

When Son Ye Jin was closing up the cafe at night, her ex-boyfriend came and asked her to take him back. He caused a scene and physically attacked her, but she was able to make him leave. After he left, she cleaned up the mess he caused and accidentally cut her finger on a sharp piece of glass.

Jung Hae In was furious when he arrived later and went outside to get some fresh air. When she found him, he looked at her finger wrapped with a bandage and she assured him that it didn’t hurt at all. Jung Hae In said, “I’m hurting,” before pulling her into a warm hug. While holding her, he promised, “From now on, I’ll never leave you by yourself.”

7. “Do you wanna come over?”

While talking on the phone, Jung Hae In asked Son Ye Jin about her plans for the day. He then suggested, “Tomorrow, my sister is going to an orientation for one night and two days. Do you wanna come over?”

Which of these lines made you heart melt the most?

“Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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