14 Reasons Why You Should Stan MONSTA X And Be A Monbebe

Behold, dear readers from far and wide! This is a PSA. Maybe the most important you’ve ever read. So please sit down, stop watching K-pop Vines (R.I.P.) for a second, and focus. Does this sound a little over the top? Maybe. Is this article a little biased? Also maybe. But: Should you really pay attention to MONSTA X and shower them with your love and support? Absolutely. Here are 14 reasons that just might make you fall in love with the seven boys and into the loving fandom that is Monbebe:

1. Their songs (and MVs) are masterpieces


Naturally, the most important part about a K-pop group, or music artist in general, has got to be their work. In case you’re not too familiar with MONSTA X – let this be a little guide: You might have heard their current lead single “Jealousy” or maybe the title track of their last comeback “Dramarama.” But you should also check out “Hero,” “All In,” “Fighter,” and “Beautiful.” This list could go on and on, but if you’re still not convinced – just two words: “Shine Forever.”

2. … so are their solo, unit, and non-Korean songs


Besides their Korean group releases, the boys are quite busy doing collabs, mixtapes, soundtracks, cover songs, or blowing minds on shows like “Show Me The Money” or “King of the Masked Singer.” If you wanna go to the roots, please watch “No Mercy,” the reality show that created MONSTA X and will show you amazing performances, cover songs, and an insight on their talent. (Also tears.) Their most successful original release besides their traditional Korean group promotions – and most recent one at that – is their first original Japanese song “Spotlight,” which just received an official gold certification for selling over 100,000 copies.

3. Their choreos are seriously powerful


Well, powerful and sexy, to be exact. Most of the time, it just seems like they can’t decide on either one so they’re just going for both. This may or may not lead to suffering for all Monbebe out there. Not least because of the dance squad, consisting of Hyungwon, Wonho, and of course main dancer and leader Shownu. Deciding on one single best MONSTA X choreo is just impossible considering the existence of choreographies like “Hero,” “Beautiful,” or “Dramarama,” but you may wanna check out the group dancing to TVXQ’s “Mirotic.” For no special reason at all.

4. Their heartwrenching first win


You are probably aware that some idol groups just get really unlucky with the timing of their comebacks and always get paired with the giants of the industry at music shows. It takes a long time for some of them to finally get their first win – the main goal for every new debuted idol group. MONSTA X used to be one of them for years, but they finally got their well-deserved first win for “Dramarama” on the November 14 episode of “The Show.” If this footage doesn’t touch you, your heart is probably made of ice.

5. Their hearts of gold admidst the struggle

Closely related to their first win, and the reason why it is so well deserved besides them being incredibly hard working and talented: the struggle all the members have been through because they were “unsuccessful” for so long. They try not to show it most of the time, but when they do, it’s just heartbreaking. There was Wonho crying on several occasions because he felt like they were constantly letting fans down. Then there was them talking about how they didn’t really feel happy about being nominated on a music show because they would always end up not winning first place. Key point is: The members are constantly scared of letting their fans down. Talk about hearts of gold.

6. Their manners

nate pann

The thoughtfulness of MONSTA X members also shows in direct contact with each other, fellow artists, or even fans. Take the time in Singapore when fans were supposed to kneel down in front of the members in order to take a group picture with them. All of the members got visibly flustered, signaling the fans to get up. The situation was resolved by I.M. asking staff for chairs in order for the fans to sit on. While it is just a single example, it just perfectly illustrates their manners and the respect they have for their fans.

We can’t talk about what makes MONSTA X loveable without talking about the members – each one of them. So here we go!

7. Shownu


Shownu is MONSTA X’s leader with muscles and a super manly jawline. While he might be the actual dad of the group, he’s also very much shy when it comes to either showing his muscles or just girls in general. He once attended the show “Lipstick Prince,” and by that created a phenomenal, adorable cringe fest. He also actually threw himself out of frame on a behind-the-scenes footage video for their DVD “Montories,” just so that we wouldn’t be able to see him without a shirt on. Which is not especially nice towards Monbebe, but nonetheless very cute.

8. Wonho


Wonho may look like he’s a muscle packed Adonis with the face to match a god, BUT if anyone tries to just go and reduce him to that, it’s one of the duties of a Monbebe to know: he is the softest, fluffiest, please-someone-finally-feed-him-ramyun-est being on this earth. And true Monbebe are prepared to fight for that at all times. He is very considerate of his members, the fans, and just everyone around him, and obviously tends to overthink things, seeing how he struggled so much with the wait for their first win.

9. Minhyuk


He might just be one of the most beautiful beings ever (see the gif above), or the actual Jack Frost whenever he sports white hair, but there is one thing Minhyuk is for sure: just a tad evil. You’ll realize while watching them on reality programs that whenever something seems shady, weird, or if it feels like someone is playing puppet master in the background, it’s probably Minhyuk. He’s also not particularly shy on teasing the members: Spitting drinks, pushing people off stage, or drawing all the attention to poor Wonho’s nipples sticking out visibly in his tight shirt. Minhyuk just won’t let them live – and both members and Monbebe love him for that.

10. Kihyun


If Shownu is the dad of the group, Kihyun is the best candidate to be the mom. Not because he has a lot of feminine features, but more because he shows his love in a very special way: he nags. Nagging Kihyun is probably a brand by now. He’s always the first to complain when either he doesn’t like something or when he finds the rules of a game to be unfair, which leads to him not only standing up for himself, but also for his members. Little side note: nagging mom Kihyun also happens to have the voice of an actual angel.

11. Hyungwon


Hyungwon is so handsome, he could pass as a model. Oh? What? He actually IS a model! Whenever his schedule allows it, Hyungwon graces the catwalks of the fashion industry with his presence. Minhyuk too, of course, joined in on modeling. Safe to say, they are the visual kings of MONSTA X. But there is just something else about Hyungwon. Monbebe or not, you might have seen his face somewhere. We’ll give you a hint: he’s sassy and he’s sipping on coffee. Exactly. The oh-so-beautiful Hyungwon is basically a walking meme, best known for the recording from a fan meeting, which later became THAT sassy meme.

12. Jooheon


Arguably the best-known member of MONSTA X is rapper Jooheon. He appeared on several variety shows on his own. Whether he’s proving his variety skills on “Weekly Idol” or showing off his adorable friendship with GOT7’s Jackson on “Celebrity Bromance,” Jooheon surely is talented when it comes to entertainment. But besides all his skills there is one thing that seems very out of character (considering he’s a pretty badass rapper): his kind-of-cringy, incredibly adorable, squeaky-voice aegyo, one that is truly a force to be reckoned with.

13. I.M.


The maknae and also a rapper, I.M. is surely at Jooheon’s level when it comes to skills, as you can check out by listening to his 2018 solo track “Fly With Me.” But, he also has one character trait that one wouldn’t necessarily associate with a badass rapper: He’s calm, thoughtful, and extremely well mannered. On top of that, because he lived in Boston for three years and in Israel for four, he’s fluent in English and generally talented when it comes to languages. No wonder the boy has got some talent for rapping.

14. Their weirdness


Monbebe will know, the boys’ profiles here are pretty conservative. Meaning we tried to go easy on new potential Monbebes and not hit them with the full force that is MONSTA X’s weirdness, craziness, and just generally the Memesta X or MONSTA eXtra life. But as a warning and/or teaser of what’s expecting you: Minhyuk is scared for his life of cucumbers; they have at some point had a weird obsession with “PPAP”; they roast each other whenever they are given the chance; and they look confusingly good when dressed up as girls (seriously!). Just to mention a few things.

The way MONSTA X grew from a TV show – from being competitors – to being family, and the fact, that fans were allowed to follow them on their complete path up until here, created a special bond; not only between the members, but also with their fans. Hence, as a Monbebe, it’s perfectly fine (and logical) to be offended by the question “Who’s your bias?” because, as this article illustrates: How could anyone ever choose?

Are you a Monbebe? Are you gonna try to convince people to join by sending them this article? Let us know in the comments!

daisygonzo is a completely unbiased, professional writer. (But she makes a lot of exceptions for spreading some love.) For more good vibes and stories from the city of Seoul, follow her on Instagram.

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