Super Junior Makes Another Hit Appearance On Home Shopping Network

Super Junior enjoyed another huge success on their second appearance on a home shopping network!

On April 12, Super Junior appeared on the channel CJ O Shopping for the second season of their special home shopping program “Super Market.” The first broadcast of “Super Market” aired in November 2017, when the members sold long down jackets, as they had promised to do if their album “PLAY” sold 200,000 copies.

During the 65-minute special, which began at 10:45 p.m. KST, Super Junior completely sold out 7,000 face masks produced by beauty brand Avajar. Two types of face masks were on sale: an “Avajar Face Mask Set” priced at 98,000 won (approximately $91) and a “Super Junior Special Edition Face Mask Set” specially designed for the occasion, priced at 129,000 won (approximately $120).

The limited-edition “Super Junior Special Edition Face Mask Set” sold out merely 30 minutes after the show began, and the group successfully sold out all face masks 10 minutes before the end of the program. Super Junior’s total sales for the hour amounted to 900 million won (approximately $839,745).

At the beginning of “Super Market,” Super Junior made a promise that they would perform their new song “Lo Siento” for the first time on the spot if they managed to sell out all the masks. When all the products sold out, the group fulfilled their promise by putting on a fun performance full of their signature wit. Super Junior later shared a video of their cool yet hilarious performance on Instagram.

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. 음악방송만 직캠이 있으란 법 있나요? ?‍♀️ #슈퍼주니어 홈쇼핑 '#LoSiento' 무대 직캠 ver. 최초 공개할게여! ? – 역시 말이 필요 없는 #신동 – 통기타 feel 충만 #은혁 – 말 타고 시원 파트 소화하는 #이특 – 웃음 참느라 고생했어요 #동해 – 이 와중에 비주얼 시강 #예성 – 단 한번의 로시엔토 #희철 . 잠깐!✋ 어제 '슈퍼마켓' 기록도 함께 보고 가실게여! ✔'슈퍼마켓' 방송에서만 선보인 한정판 '슈퍼주니어 스페셜 에디션 마스크 팩 세트' 방송 시작 30여 분 만에 매진 ✔최근 평일 동시간대 화장품 방송의 2030 구매고객 비중보다 약 2배이상 높은 수치 ✔평소 월요일 동시간대 방송 대비 6배 가량 높은 시청률 기록 ✔TV홈쇼핑 생방송은 물론 CJ오쇼핑 공식 페이스북, 중국 T몰을 통해 전 세계 생중계 . 크으~ 이래서 #완판돌 #완판주니어 라고 하죠? 오늘 뮤직뱅크 무대도 기대해 주세요? . #SUPERJUNIOR #REPLAY #LoSiento #SuperJuniorReplay #SuperJuniorLoSiento #LabelSJ

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“Super Market” scored impressive viewership ratings as well. The program recorded ratings six times higher than those typically scored by shows in the same time slot. In addition, the percentage of total consumers that were in their 20s and 30s (52 percent) was roughly twice the percentage that young consumers typically account for on similar beauty-related home shopping shows in the same time slot.

Super Junior’s special home shopping program was broadcast not only on television but also on CJ O Shopping’s official Facebook page and China’s Tmall. The number of concurrent users watching the second season of “Super Market” on CJ O Shopping’s Facebook page peaked at 4,300, with a significant number of viewers watching from South America.

Super Junior recently released their repackaged album “Replay” with the title track “Lo Siento.”

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