15 K-Pop Music Videos Shot In Gorgeous Places You Should Visit At Least Once

It’s understandable that most K-pop fans dream of visiting Korea. We’ve all got our secret “Travel to Korea” fund slowly accumulating money. But for fans with the travel bug, Korea isn’t the only beautiful and unique landscape showcased in K-pop. As the Hallyu wave spreads, many artists and companies are choosing to film their music videos in some pretty cool locations outside the Korean peninsula. So, we’ve compiled a list of some K-pop music videos set in the most gorgeous places to add to your world-travel itinerary. From tropical beaches to snowy mountain tops, there’s a vacation destination perfect for you to daydream about visiting with your favorite idol!

1. Girls’ Generation — “Party” (Thailand)

When “Party” came out in 2015, who didn’t fantasize about dancing, swimming, and soaking up some sun with Girls’ Generation on a beautiful beach? Well, the beautiful beach, palm trees, clear water, and gorgeous sunset can all be found in Ko Samui, Thailand! The iconic beach scenes appear to have been filmed at Ban Tai Beach, which is known for it’s white sand and crystal clear water. Whether you want to play on the waves or explore a rich culture, Thailand is a sweet vacation destination.

2. TWICE — “Likey” (Canada)

If you love a vibrant and eclectic vacation destination, look no further than Vancouver, Canada — the filming site of TWICE’s “Likey”! Just like in the music video, Canada has many different colors and diverse things for world travelers to do. The video showcased several memorable landmarks, including Alley Oop (the vibrant pink and yellow alley way), White Rock Pier, and Maple Tree Square (pictured above). From shopping to sports to beautiful parks, Canada has a lot to offer and should be a stop on your travels!

3. G-Dragon — “Crooked” (England)

If you need to blow off some steam, London, England might be the perfect place for you to visit. It seemed to work for G-Dragon in his “Crooked” music video! England is full of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and is where fashion, history, architecture, and great food combine. The music video featured a few lesser-known landmarks, like Whitby Street and Brick Lane. You’ll definitely want to make a stop and check out all London has to offer!

4. VIXX — “Only U” (Sweden)

Six cute boys in a beautiful European city. What more could you want? VIXX’s “Only U” was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is the ideal place for those travelers who are drawn by both man-made sights and natural wonders. The video was filmed around Stockholm, including in front of The Royal Palace and Parliament House, around King’s Garden Park, and at Brantingtorget (Square of Branting), where fans can find the fountain from the music video. With many flowing rivers and lakes plus cool architecture, visiting Sweden is a sweet treat for anyone who takes the chance.

5. Kyuhyun — “A Million Pieces” (Switzerland)

In Kyuhyun’s “A Million Pieces,” it’s not only his voice that takes our breath away. Just check out that incredible view! Filmed in Zurich, Switzerland, this music video does a great job of showcasing the beauties of the country, especially Trubsee Lake with its peaceful waters and the surrounding mountains. Whether you choose to walk around town or hike in the mountains, you’re guaranteed a vacation to remember (and Instagram worthy pictures)!

6. Taemin — “Drip Drop” (California)

When people think of California in the United States, they usually think of big cities and celebrities. But Taemin showcases a different side of California, U.S.A. in his performance music video for “Drip Drop.” Filmed in Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park — a beautiful red-rock desert with interesting rock formations — this is an ideal vacation spot for nature lovers and K-pop lovers alike!

7. MAMAMOO — “Starry Night” (New Zealand)

The fierce ladies of MAMAMOO filmed their music video “Starry Night” in the amazing country of New Zealand! New Zealand has got it all — towering mountain ranges, rolling green hills, and unbelievable beaches. The music video was filmed in and around Auckland, showing off the diverse beauty of the country. If you’re looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, do yourself a favor and book your tickets to New Zealand ASAP!

8. SISTAR — “Lonely” (Macau)

SISTAR’s disbandment was a sad day in K-pop. But their final gift to fans was their last single and music video, “Lonely,” which was filmed in Macau, which has been dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia. As the music video suggests, Macau is a great place to go with friends to shop, eat, and make memories. Whether you’re feeling lonely, lucky, or just craving some excitement, Macau is a must visit vacation destination!

9. Jessica — “Wonderland” (France, Switzerland)

If you love castles, cobblestone, and snowy mountains, you’re going to love this destination. Jessica filmed her fantastical and wonder-filled music video for “Wonderland” in Yvoire, France and Geneva, Switzerland. Yvoire is a cute village that dates back to the 13th century and seems to have been frozen in time. The cobblestone streets, cozy cottages, and yummy food will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. Then, for those who are more into frolicking on a snowy mountain, you’d love Geneva in the winter. Both are beautiful places that will leave you breathless!

10. LOOΠΔ/HaSeul — “Let Me In” (Iceland)

LOOΠΔ is a unique K-pop group whose debut is two years in the making. Ever since 2016, content has been released to introduce fans to the members and sub-units. “Let Me In” is the world’s introduction to leader HaSeul, who was lucky enough to film this music video in Iceland! This unique location is full of natural wonders, including their famous Diamond Beach. The beach is made of black sand, which, when coupled with the chunks of ice that wash up on the shore, make for a breathtaking and magical sight. So, if you’re looking to travel somewhere unforgettable and experience something you can’t anywhere else, Iceland is where you’ve got to go!

11. GOT7 — “A” (Malaysia)

Not many people might realize that GOT7’s quirky, fun, and cute “A” music video was filmed in Shah Alam, Malaysia! Besides visiting the Holy Smoke Cafe where the boys fall for Sana, Malaysia also offers a slew of other fun activities. Whether you’re interested in culture, history, shopping, or delicious food, Malaysia is an awesome place to get away!

12. SEVENTEEN — “Healing” (Australia)

What words come to mind when you think of a great vacation? Fun, definitely. Relaxing, for sure. But, SEVENTEEN’s song titled “Healing” is also a perfect way to describe a good vacation. And where better to heal than Australia? This music video shows the goofy and fun side of SEVENTEEN as they play around various locations in Sydney, Australia, including around Sydney Harbor. And Australia has a little something for everyone, so no matter how you define “healing” time, you’ll love visiting this beautiful country!

13. AOA — “Good Luck” (Guam)

If a tropical paradise is what you’re craving, the girls of AOA know the perfect spot! Their music video “Good Luck” was filmed in Tamuning, Guam and shows off the beautiful island, perfect weather, and fun entertainment. From catching rays on Tumon Beach to eating delicious local food, everything about this island will make you glad you visited!

14. DIA — “Will You Go Out With Me” (Japan)

Another stop on most K-pop fans’ travel bucket-lists is Japan. In their music video “Will You Go Out With Me,” the group DIA gives a great tour around Tokyo, Japan, where they filmed, including the world famous Shibuya Crossing. For the adventurous and fun-loving, Japan has a bustling nightlife and interesting things to keep you busy (go-carts in the street, anyone?). Then, for those looking to relax, Japan has some beautiful beaches and opportunities to get closer to nature. Whatever your pleasure, Japan is a must-visit country!

15. Davichi — “Cry Again” (Hungary)

The talented girls of Davichi used Budapest, Hungary as the scenery of their music video “Cry Again.” The emotional video shows many cool landmarks in Hungary like the Chain Bridge, and even though they’re the background to a pretty sad story told in the music video, they’re breathtaking and beautiful in real life. Hungary is the perfect place for those who love amazing architecture, good food, and history!

So, Soompiers, have you visited any of these destinations? Where would you love to travel to? Be sure to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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