YoonA Has A Meaningful Conversation About Life With A Guest On

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA talked about life in the perspective of a 29-year-old and the life she hopes to live this year on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay 2.”

On the April 15 episode, YoonA washed dishes with one of the male guests. He asked, “Do you know we’re the same age?” and YoonA answered yes and that they’d talked about it on his first day there.

They were both born in 1990, making them 29 years old by Korean reckoning. The guest continued, “If you think about it, we’d be friends if we met at school. But since we met at a homestay, we have the relationship of an employee and a guest.”

YoonA suggested, “Then let’s speak informally” and the two “friends” dived into a conversation about life. He asked, “Is there anything you really want to do at 29 years old?” YoonA answered, “I want to have more relaxed times. I want to expand more of my life as Lim YoonA.”

The guest replied, “I’m the total opposite. I got a job too late and I wanted to get one really quickly. I thought that I need to get a job quickly and earn money so I can do my part as an individual.”

YoonA commented, “I think there are pros and cons to everything. When you get a job later, you have more life experiences. They will definitely help you when you work later. On the other hand, there may be good things if you get a job early on such as having a social life and earning money. But, you may not have many experiences and means [necessary in life].”

She reiterated, “I think everything has pros and cons.” After listening, he said, “What a relief. We’re both growing” and she agreed with a smile.

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