6 Moments That Frustrated Us During Episodes 21-24 Of “Tempted”

As we near the end of “Tempted,” our anticipations and frustrations only seem to grow, in particular with the OTP, Shi Hyun and Tae Hee (Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy). We want them to be happy and we want them together, but there are just some little things that continue to happen that frustrate us. Here’s just a few of those frustrating moments from this past week’s episodes that had us peeved.

1. Tae Hee running after Shi Hyun

When episode 21 started, I was immediately kind of annoyed. It was frustrating to see Tae Hee run after Shi Hyun to get confirmation on why he put the bandaid on her hand. It made me roll my eyes mainly because I couldn’t believe she was running after him after the painful public breakup he put her through. I do want them to ultimately be together, but I also dislike how much weakness Tae Hee’s character is showing.

2. Tae Hee accepting Shi Hyun’s apology

A few minutes into the following episode, and Shi Hyun and Tae Hee are back together again. Was it that easy to get back together after everything he put her through? I guess so. On top of it, he took her back without so much as a fight or thought. I get that he apologized and seemed sincere, but you would think she’d give it a tiny bit more thought. 

3. The drama with Soo Ji’s mom and the sunbae

Boring. It’s a part of the series that I have zero interest in, and I’m not sure what the significance of this part of the story is. I’m not too concerned about whether or not Soo Ji’s mom (Kim Suh Hyung) is actually going to marry Shi Hyun’s dad (Shin Sung Woo) or if she’s going to end up with the sunbae, but it’s all aspects of this plot that I just can’t be bothered with.

4. Are we really sure that Shi Hyun’s mom hit Tae Hee?

The whole do-or-die wallowing that Shi Hyun is putting himself through hasn’t even been 100 percent justified. He’s taking the word of Soo Ji’s mother and doesn’t know for a fact that his mom had anything to do with it. It’s getting frustrating that Shi Hyun is not trying to prove his mother’s innocence, but is rather assuming that she was the one who did it. Let’s get some facts and proof before we act on it, Shi Hyun!

5. Se Joo picking up Soo Ji’s pieces

Every time Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) is in trouble or she calls him for help, Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) comes running. His character is worth so much more than being at Soo Ji’s beck and call at this point in the series. Where’s his humor and the charismatic character we all came to love early on in the series?! We want him back, please.

6. Them breaking up… again.

So here we are again back at square one. What was the point of this past week’s episodes? One thing I’m glad about is that everything is almost all coming out in the open and now everyone pretty much knows each other’s secrets. Hopefully this is the last time the OTP goes through a world-ending breakup.

Look at how happy they are! Let’s keep them together!

Hey Soompiers, what did you like or dislike about this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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