Watch: “iKON TV” Shares Funny Teasers For Each Member

More teasers for iKON’s first ever reality show “iKON TV” have been released!

“iKON TV” is a 10-part series where each iKON member will take turns as the show’s producing director (PD).

Chanwoo’s teaser shows his mischievous side as the youngest member of the group.

Yunhyeong takes lots of selfies before taking the cup of coffee from Chanwoo from the teaser above.

Donghyuk appears as a passionate PD who monitors and gives detailed instructions.

Bobby, the “lazy genius,” naps on the couch and misses calls from another PD before finally heading off to the set.

B.I gets frustrated while working on captions for “iKON TV.” He then smiles as he fills the captions with slang words.

Jinhwan is portrayed as the sexy PD holding a camera and filming Junhoe.

Junhoe is deep in his emotions in his teaser, listening to music and flying a paper airplane outside.

“iKON TV” will premiere on April 21 at 10 p.m. KST on YouTube and Naver’s V Live, and on JTBC at 12:30 a.m. KST.

Which teaser was your favorite?

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