WINNER Talks About What They Did With Their First Payments

WINNER guested on the April 17 episode of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” where they talked about their debut and promotions, first payments, and their charm as a group.

On what Yang Hyun Suk had said about their comeback, Kang Seung Yoon did an impression of him and revealed he said, “I think ‘Everyday‘ is going to do really well. I think it’s good.”

The interviewer brought up Kang Seung Yoon’s past on “Superstar K2” and his success with his cover of “Instinctively,” as well as his work as an actor. Kang Seung Yoon joked that he had been quite popular back then, and that the song had probably been more popular than “Everyday.” He also showed off the dialect he had used in “Prison Playbook.”

Kim Jin Woo talked about having been a trainee at YG for the longest amount of time. He explained, “At the time, I was 20 years old, so I became a trainee at a relatively older age. It was hard, but I would think, ‘What would I do, if I wasn’t doing this?’ so I couldn’t give up. It felt like if I gave up here, it would be the end.”

The WINNER members were also asked if they remembered getting their first payment after breaking even with their agency. When Song Mino replied that he had paid off his debts, the rest of members chimed in one by one that they also paid off their debt. They laughed and joked, “Were we all in debt?”

Song Mino commented, “None of us were that well-off” and Kang Seung Yoon added that they were a lot of times when they experienced more difficulty than the average household. Lee Seung Hoon jokingly declared, “Let’s not talk about sad things,” and said, “I’m still paying it back, I’m working on it.”

The members also talked about their appeal as a group. Kang Seung Yoon shared, “I think we’re just musicians. I think our charm is our music which shares the stories we want to tell.” Lee Seung Hoon commented, “I really like the sentiment, ‘Listening to WINNER with confidence.'”

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