Results Of Further Analysis Of Wanna One's Controversial Video Released

In an attempt to remove any continued doubt about what was said during Wanna One’s recent controversial video, fans of member Ha Sung Woon requested further analysis.

On March 19, the day of Wanna One’s most recent comeback, the group became surrounded by controversy due to a video that was taken before a live interview, when they were unaware they were being filmed.

Some transcriptions were posted online that claimed that Ha Sung Woon had said “I’d better swear in advance” and then proceeded to swear repeatedly, and that either him or another member had used a slang term for a sexual act. However, there was much dispute over what was actually being said in the video, and it was even unclear who or what was making the sounds because most of the noise in the clip came from off camera.

Fans of Ha Sung Woon first requested scientific analysis by the Digital Forensic Laboratory (CSI: Law), and the results of the analysis came out on March 22. The laboratory concluded that while the voice heard at one point in the background matched the voice of Ha Sung Woon, he was actually saying the phrase “I’d better do it like this in advance.” The noises that some had assumed to be him swearing were concluded to actually be the sound of machinery. The analysis also stated that the sound that was claimed to be a sexual term was actually the phrase “Answer me,” and it was not said by Ha Sung Woon.

Nevertheless, there have been some people who have said they could not trust the results of the analysis because it was conducted by a private company. A group of Ha Sung Woon’s fans therefore requested an analysis by the Sound Engineering Institute at Soongsil University in Seoul.

The fans released a statement from the institute on April 19, which shows that their analysis concluded that the Wanna One members did not use slang or sexual terms in the video.

In addition, the institute stated that Ha Sung Woon’s voice did not match with either the voice at the time of 39 – 40 seconds in the clip (where it was alleged that he said “I’d better swear in advance”) or the voice at the time of 1:00 – 1:01 (where the sexual term was allegedly said). They concluded that neither of the alleged phrases were actually spoken in the video.

As with the prior analysis results, the institute stated that the noise that some assumed to be repeated swear words was not a sound made by a person. They concluded that the contents of the audio file had only been friendly conversation with the aim of relieving feelings of boredom and nervousness.

Ha Sung Woon’s fans have stated that the results of the analysis will be used as they file charges of defamation due to malicious comments and the spreading of false rumors.

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