Kim Tae Dong Shares Heartfelt Letter To Fans To Apologize And Explain Why He’s Working Part-Time

“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Kim Tae Dong gave an update to fans and reassured them about why he’s been working part-time.

Kim Tae Dong recently wrote on his Instagram, “I’m posting this as an apology for making my fans worry with the post about a part-time job, which I uploaded on Instagram a while ago.”

He appears to be referring to pictures he posted on Instagram on April 14 with the hashtag, “part-time job.” The pictures showed that he was working at a cafe but some fans expressed concerns over whether he had given up his goal to become a singer.

Kim Tae Dong continued, “First of all, I still haven’t given up the dream of becoming a singer and am practicing. I wanted to dance so much but couldn’t, because I didn’t have an appropriate practice room for dancing. Feeling too sorry to ask my parents for money, I decided to work part-time because I wanted to rent a practice room with the money I earned through a part-time job.”

“I feel nothing but sorrow because I can’t stand in front of my fans and that I’m making them wait with no promises due to problematic circumstances. I did not intend at all to deceive my fans. I thought I would give them an update as nothing’s been properly solved and I couldn’t talk about various things. I’m sorry that I made you worried and concerned with my shortcomings.”

He concluded, “I wanted to let you walk a path full of flowers but I’m sorry that I only hurt you with so much waiting. I’ll keep on practicing hard, never give up, and will be careful in all aspects in the future. I’m sorry.”

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Kim Tae Dong was originally one of the members of fan-imagined project group JBJ, along with other eliminated “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants. However, he became embroiled in a conflict with his agency Major 9 (formerly The Vibe Label) and couldn’t join the group, to many fans’ dismay. JBJ recently released their final song “Call Your Name” with their contract expiring on April 30.

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