8 Times Celebrities Shared The Secrets To Their Everyday Makeup Routines

We’re always mesmerized by how perfect celebrities look, and we often envy them for their splendid attire, wishing we had access to their makeup artists. Yet, not every fine look is the work of a hired professional.

In fact, idols tend to take care of their daily beauty routines themselves, and some of them even have their own share of tips to maintain flawless skin. Here are nine celebrities sharing the secrets to their everyday makeup routines.

1. Jessica Jung

Jessica breaks down her morning ritual as she walks us through the steps to obtain a K-pop star’s glamorous look. She also shares a quick-and-easy beauty secret on how she perfectly curls her eyelashes and maintains their volume.

2. Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun

Soo Hyun goes for a freshman style, which could easily be your go-to look on a date. Throughout the tutorial, she shows us her top two cushions and shares tips on how to use them. She also recommends her favorite eye makeup brands.


Lisa shares her chic look from BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” MV. She enthusiastically reproduces her cat eye makeup, and is surprisingly pleased at how easy the makeup cover turns out to be.

4. Sandara Park

Sandara takes us on a lip venture, where she tries three different lip tints and application methods to accompany her makeup routine, which results in a different “femme fatale” allure each time.

5. Jisook

Former Rainbow member Jisook playfully introduces her beauty routine, and points out the particular differences between her daily and idol makeup looks. Moreover, she shares tips on how to rock fake eyelashes without making them seem too obvious.

6. f(x)’s Luna

Luna introduces a makeup routine for job interviews. She mainly focuses on highlighting her T and triangle zones. In addition, she shares her secret for long-lasting makeup throughout the day.

7. Park Bo Young

In order to present an elegant Spring makeup style, Bo Young makes sure to hydrate her skin to a maximum by using a practical cotton trick for a lasting effect. Later, she focuses on using CC cream to obtain the desired flawless skin tone.

8. CoCoSoRi’s Coco

Coco celebrates her new dark hair color by adopting a new makeup style. In doing so, she goes for a soft look and shares her personal how-to trick to conceal pimples and scars, all while meticulously blending her foundation to get an even skin tone.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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