Update: CROSS GENE Drops Intriguing MV Teaser For 2nd Title Track

Updated May 7 KST: 

Ahead of their comeback on May 8, CROSS GENE has unveiled a new music video teaser for their second title track!

Check out the intriguing clip below:

Updated May 5 KST: 

CROSS GENE has dropped some new teaser photos for their comeback!

Unlike their previous retro-playful concept images, the new photos show the members mysteriously bound with a red ribbon, which in some East Asian cultures is thought to represent fate.

The group is slated to make their return on May 8.

Updated May 3 KST:

A music video teaser has been revealed for CROSS GENE’s upcoming title track!

Check it out below:

Updated May 2 KST:

More teasers have been revealed for CROSS GENE’s comeback!

Check out the clip of Takuya and Shin and a group teaser image below:

Updated April 30 KST:

Before their comeback on May 8, CROSS GENE has revealed the pre-release track “Dystopia”!

Check out the special video below:

Updated April 29 KST:

More teaser images have been revealed for CROSS GENE’s comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated April 28 KST:

CROSS GENE has shared new individual teasers for their upcoming comeback.

Check them out below!

Updated April 27 KST:

CROSS GENE has revealed a group teaser for their next comeback with “Zero”!

Check it out below:

Original Article:

CROSS GENE is returning as a five-member group with Takuya, Yongseok, Sangmin, Seyoung, and leader Shin Won Ho.

On April 25, their agency Amuse Korea announced that CROSS GENE will release a new album on May 8.

The group is returning approximately a year and three months since the release of their fourth mini album “Mirror” last February. They have been hinting at their comeback for the past two days on social media, sharing teasers for their next release “Zero.”

This will also be CROSS GENE’s first comeback since Casper’s departure from the group last September.

Their agency commented, “With a desire to start anew, the group has worked harder than ever to show upgraded music and performances. We ask that you give lots of attention to CROSS GENE’s new beginnings.”

Stay tuned for more teasers!

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