10 K-Pop Groups Who Are The Masters Of Teasing Each Other

Friendly banter between group members is always something worth waiting for, and there are some K-pop groups out there who have mastered their teasing skills. You can’t watch a variety show without some of them making fun of the others, and there are some iconic moments that are still running jokes in fandoms. Watching your favorites annoying and teasing each other is simply amusing, so let’s take a look at some idol groups who know how to make fun of each other in front of the camera!


If there’s one group where everyone knows how to piss each other off, it’s definitely BTS. The boys are full of pranks and sassy remarks, and they will probably never stop making fun of each other, whether it’s about Jimin’s (lack of) height, Yoongi’s audition video, or Jin’s freestyle dancing. Special shoutout to the maknae line; these three devils know exactly how mock their older members!


Youngest member Seungri is usually in the middle of the older members’ attacks, but he’s not afraid to spill the beans about the other members, either. And although it might seem like the boys bully Seungri a lot, the maknae enjoys being the centre of attention, and he is ready to fight back anytime. Watching BIGBANG doing anything is quality entertainment, as they never seem to stop annoying and teasing each other.


INFINITE members are true savages, and they know how to embarrass each other to death. Both leader Sunggyu and maknae Sungjong got their fair share of teasing in the last few years, but they are quick to poke fun at the rest of the members, too. There’s no dull moment with INFINITE around, that’s for sure.


VIXX excels at many things, and teasing the hell out of each other is just one of them. Just think of their latest variety appearance on “Weekly Idol”: the younger members were not afraid to mock Leo for his dramatic antics after a fight. Leo is clearly the one being bullied the most, but the maknaes are not afraid to pick fights with leader N, either.


Watching SHINee members imitating and/or teasing each other is something everyone needs to do once in their life. It’s just so endearing to see how the members pick up each other’s funny characteristics and how their imitations are always on point. Their reactions are priceless, too!


It’s hard to say which member gets the most teasing in SEVENTEEN. Dino is often the victim of the others as the youngest in the group, but so is leader S.Coups. Not to mention Woozi, who is not only teased because of his height, but because of his strict behavior as SEVENTEEN’s producer. All members definitely know how to find each other’s weak spots and diss each other, but their banter is always adorable.


It’s easy to find someone to tease when you live with 17 other boys, right? NCT members have no chill when it comes to imitating each other, and their impressions are truly one of a kind. They’ve got too much sass to handle!


Do you have friends who are annoying 90 percent of the time but you still love them to the moon and back? Well, GOT7’s Jinyoung could talk about this feeling for hours, as he seems really done with GOT7 members sometimes. His banter with Yugyeom is legendary, but he is not the only one getting teased in GOT7. All seven members know how to diss each other, and that’s what makes their interactions so hilarious.


There’s a whole lot of teasing going on in EXO, too! The members know way too much about each other’s annoying habits and pet peeves, and they won’t hesitate to piss each other off during concerts, fan signings, and variety shows. It’s always funny to watch Chanyeol bothering Kyungsoo, Suho making fun of Chen’s iconic “Ah wae?” or Sehun dissing his older members without fear.

Super Junior

This list couldn’t be complete without Super Junior. The older members get mocked and kicked around by the youngsters like it’s nothing, and youngest Kyuhyun is really brave when it comes to dissing the others. Super Junior members are truly among the craziest idols out there and we appreciate every sassy moment and banter with them.

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