Actress Kim Sa Rang’s Agency Shares Details Of Accident In Italy That Led To Injury

Kim Sa Rang’s agency has issued a statement that outlines what occurred during the accident in Italy that caused her recent injury.

On April 26, her agency wrote in a press release, “Hello. This is Kim Sa Rang’s agency. Many people have been concerned because of the sudden news of her accident. We are writing to inform you of the exact facts about this accident.

“Kim Sa Rang was in Milan because of scheduled plans on April 18, and while she was looking around the furniture store Fornasetti, an accident occurred in which she fell into a hole that had no warning sign on it due to the company’s carelessness and neglect of safety control. She fell from a height of about 2 meters [6.6 feet], and suffered a fracture and bruising all over her body (she is currently undergoing examination) because she fell down a flight of stairs at the spot where she fell.

“Immediately after the accident, she complained of pain in her right foot, and she got in an ambulance with the help of rescue workers and the police. She was taken to the hospital, where it was identified that she had a fracture in her right foot and she received emergency treatment. Afterwards, for additional internal and external examination of other areas, she took an ambulance to another hospital (in this region, each hospital deals with different medical treatments). She had a detailed examination of areas including her head and for external injuries.

“It was the opinion of the doctor that her foot required surgery, and so the surgery was looked into. However, communication with the local medical personnel was not ideal, and it was judged that undergoing a surgery without a guardian accompanying her would be difficult, and so she and her manager returned to Korea, where the surgery was done.

“Currently, the surgery has been completed on the fracture on her foot, which was the most urgent issue, and her status is being monitored. Additional examinations will be carried out on areas other than the surgery site. As she is very shocked both mentally and physically about the accident that should not have happened, she is currently resting as per her doctor’s recommendation.

“In regards to her plans and future activities, it has been determined that discussions will be able to take place in the future based on the results of her treatment.

“We sincerely thank the many people who have worried about Kim Sa Rang, and we will help her to return after a quick recovery.

“Thank you.”

Get well soon, Kim Sa Rang!

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