Update: LOONA’s New Unit Reveals Highlight Medley For “beauty&thebeat”

Updated May 28 KST:

LOONA’s new unit yyxy has shared a highlight medley for their upcoming debut mini album!

The new video features brief snippets of each of the five tracks on “beauty&thebeat,” including the title track “love4eva.” Check it out below!

Updated May 25 KST:

LOONA’s next unit yyxy has released a music video teaser for their upcoming song “love4eva,” which features Grimes!

LOONA’s unit yyxy has worked with Canadian musician Grimes for their track. After LOONA fans asked Grimes on Twitter to produce for the group last month, Grimes revealed that she loves the group.

It was then recently revealed through yyxy’s track list for their debut release that one of their songs will be featuring Grimes!

After the announcement, Grimes tweeted and showed her excitement for the collaboration, with LOONA’s Twitter replying to say it was an honor to work with her.

Check out more teasers for yyxy’s upcoming debut below:

Original Article:

LOONA’s latest members have formed their third core unit!

On April 27 at midnight KST, the pre-debut girl group LOONA released a mesmerizing teaser titled “youth youth by young” that introduces their new unit yyxy, which consists of members Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye.

LOONA says the unit is “composed of four girls who denied Eden, talking about the ego of the youth. Being in love, hurt, broken, but still stepping forward, they capture moments of youth to complete an ego. They declare neanthropic chromosome ‘yyxy,’ different to xx or xy chromosomes.”

LOONA is a pre-debut group with 12 members, who have been releasing music videos both individually and as units since 2016. The four members of yyxy are the most recent members to be introduced to fans, and you can check out their solo MVs here: Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye.

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