Watch: EXO’s Suho And Ha Yeon Soo Hint At Their Fated Romance In “Rich Man, Poor Woman” Preview

MBN’s newest drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman” has released another preview ahead of its premiere.

“Rich Man, Poor Woman” is a remake of the Japanese drama of the same title. This romantic comedy will tell the story of the genius CEO of an IT company named Lee Yoo Chan (played by EXO’s Suho) and an energetic job seeker with impressive memory named Kim Bo Ra (played by Ha Yeon Soo).

Despite his seemingly perfect appearance, Lee Yoo Chan suffers from prosopagnosia, or the inability to recognize people’s faces.

The new preview starts with Suho arriving in front of a building on a motorcycle. After checking himself out in the mirror, he strides into the building with a smile and boasts about his innate skills.

Ha Yeon Soo appears and confidently introduces herself at what looks like a job interview. She lists her good memory as her greatest strength before a woman interjects and corrects her that she’s actually the best at being annoyingly hard-working.

She then runs into Suho in the lobby and covers her mouth with her hand in shock. In a voiceover, she says, “I know this person,” then adds, “Fine. I’m going to dream. This is an opportunity.”

In contrast to his smug appearance at the beginning, Suho looks puzzled and sad as he sits up in his bed in a different scene. He asks, “Can someone completely disappear from this world?” as he refreshes his phone searching for a name.

The preview also hints at the two characters’ possible past and shows Suho picking out a necklace, stating, “I’m going to recognize you with this. I thought about you every day so that I wouldn’t forget you.”

When he spots the necklace on Ha Yeon Soo in the elevator in what appears to be present-day, he tugs her close and asks, “Who are you?”

“Rich Man, Poor Woman” will premiere on May 9 at 11 p.m. KST and will be available exclusively on Viki!

Check out the preview below!

Watch another trailer for the drama with English subtitles.

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