6 Latest K-Pop Styles We Wish We Could Pull Off In Real Life

K-pop provides a wealth of fashion inspiration for anyone looking to update his or her look. Whether it’s a simple, daily look or something a little more adventurous, here are some styles from currently promoting K-pop stars whose outfits from their new release concepts are perfect additions to a more chic yet wearable look:

Festival Flair

The queens of MAMAMOO are giving us serious closet envy with their styles for “Starry Night.” The boho looks have that Coachella Music Fest feel while the gorgeously long, flowy dresses and tattered jean shorts are great for that “extra” summer look.

Solar’s look from head to toe is everything: the fish-braid hair, dress with interesting tribal print, peek-a-boo cuts, and sandals

Each member rocks her own style; we’re wondering if this is a fashion show or a music video!

Even their performance outfits are cohesively chic!

Throwback Trends

EXID always exceeds our expectations with their unique sound and sexy concepts, but this time they went all out old school with their new release “Lady.” From oversized dungarees and jewel-toned sportswear to loud labels and Timberlands, the pieces the girls wore plus the nostalgic 90s hip-hop style definitely brought us back in time. LE shared people’s warm reactions to their unexpected style and said, “It was a concept that was hard for us to try because of our image. Since many people have expectations about our sexiness, we hesitated. The track came out and it was perfect for retro. Since the song came out that way, we thought that it was a good chance for us to try it.”

Key accessory pieces: big gold hoop earrings, heavy bling necklaces, bucket hats, and Timberlands

Girl-Next-Door Style

TWICE came back with another hit called “What Is Love?” and they’re making hearts flutter again with their girl crush looks and cute personalities. Consistent with their girl-next-door concept, TWICE wore mismatched bright and playful looks to fit their song that innocently asks about this curious thing called love.

 Fresh As Spring

Lovelyz just made a comeback with “That Day,” and their pastel outfits are as pretty and easy on the eyes as Spring. What’s nice about this concept is that the looks are effortlessly pretty without trying too hard. Plus it looks totally wearable off-stage, too.

Casual Cool

WINNER is one of those fashionable boy bands who can pull off any look effortlessly. They don’t always go over the top, yet they still look as cool as ever. This is seen in their latest release, “Everyday,” which showed off each member’s unique charm.

Seungyoon and Jinwoo’s own version of ripped jeans are seriously goals!

How cute is Jinwoo’s shirt?

The way they style their suits is quite unique and fashion forward

Sleek And Sexy

HA:FELT’s new release “Pluhmm” deserves more love because it gives off a refreshing, relaxing sound and sleek style. The video and outfits stand out because of its simplicity and mysterious vibe.

Her makeup is absolutely stunning!

Ear candy!

Hey Soompiers! Which of these styles would you like to try in real life? Let us know in the comments below!

DP_Kim is an English magazine and online writer and former stylist based in South Korea. Follow her Korean adventures at instagram.com/dianne_panda.

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