JBJ Members’ Current Statuses And Upcoming Plans Revealed

Updated April 30 KST:

More details have been revealed on the future plans of JBJ members.

Noh Tae Hyun will return as a member of his group HOTSHOT. However, as Ha Sung Woon is currently promoting with Wanna One and Hojung is with UNB, there will be no full group activities for the rest of the year. There are possibilities for the other members to continue activities together or for Noh Tae Hyun to pursue solo activities for the time being.

Kim Sang Gyun originally debuted as a member of ToppDogg (which recently changed their name to XENO-T) but left the group before competing on “Produce 101 Season 2.” Kim Sang Gyun’s agency Hunus Entertainment shared, “Kim Sang Gyun will not be joining XENO-T. We will discuss his future activities when he returns to the agency after the conclusion of JBJ activities.”

Kim Yong Guk (Jin Longguo) will be debuting in a new boy group with Shihyun, who he promoted as a duo with last year, and other trainees.

Kwon Hyun Bin will continue with various activities including modeling, acting, and variety programs.

Kenta and Kim Dong Han will discuss their future activities with their agencies. RAINZ member Jang Dae Hyun is in the same agency as Kim Dong Han, but RAINZ’s contract doesn’t end until October. If Kim Dong Han and Jang Dae Hyun are to debut in a group together, it will not happen until the end of the year at earliest.

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April 30 marks the end of JBJ’s contract with FAVE Entertainment and the conclusion of their group activities, and industry representatives have reported on what is ahead for the members.

As some of the members requested to stay in the group dorm for a little longer while they figure out their future plans, FAVE Entertainment has allowed them to use the dorm for about one more month.

Most members have asked for their agencies to allow short breaks for the time being. Kenta and Kim Dong Han recently went to Japan together for vacation. Kim Yong Guk (Jin Longguo) has been resting as his health has not been in good condition. Noh Tae Hyun and Kim Sang Gyun are also taking breaks.

Kwon Hyun Bin has left the dorm as he already has various scheduled activities coming up. Kenta and Kim Sang Gyun will be starring in a web drama for SBS Mobidic, so they will return to work once the filming schedule is confirmed.

The agencies of each member are respecting the members’ wishes to determine future plans. One agency representative commented, “We will organize the future direction of management after listening to the member’s opinions.”

JBJ is a group that was originally formed by fans as an ideal combination of members from “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants. Imagination became reality as the group debuted through FAVE Entertainment in October 2017. They achieved significant success with more than 100,000 copies sold of each of their two mini albums, first place on a music show, and an Asian tour across six cities. They bid farewell to fans with a final concert on April 21 and 22.

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