Watch: INFINITE’s L, Go Ara, And Sung Dong Il Are One-Of-A-Kind Judges In Teasers For “Miss Hammurabi”

Upcoming JTBC drama “Miss Hammurabi” has released two trailers ahead of its premiere.

“Miss Hammurabi” is about an idealistic, rookie judge named Park Cha Oh Reum (played by Go Ara), an elite judge and a man of principle named Im Ba Reun (played by INFINITE’s L), and head judge Han Sae Sang (played by Sung Dong Il).

It will tell the story of these three different judges working together in the same court as they deal with realistic, commonly occurring, everyday cases. The drama is based on a novel that was written by a real-life judge Moon Yoo Suk.

In the first trailer, Ryu Deok Hwan introduces each of the three leads and what a fun year it will be at their court. He describes how stuck up L’s character Im Ba Reun is, and he proves him right throughout the video.

Im Ba Reun says, “Don’t take anyone’s side. Be objective, by the rule, like artificial intelligence.” When he meets with Sung Dong Il’s character Han Sae Sang at a cafe, the older judge looks excited thinking that Im Ba Reun got him a drink. He extends his arm to receive it, but L as Im Ba Reun takes a sip and says, “It’s mine.”

Ryu Deok Hwan then describes Go Ara’s character Park Cha Oh Reum as a “rookie psycho.” She takes up space on the subway by spreading her legs in one clip, and confidently states in another, “You said it’s an organization that’s difficult if you stand out, right? Well, I’m going to face it head-on my style.”

She kicks someone who inappropriately touches her on the subway and comes to work covered from head to toe, joking that women shouldn’t dare show their skin.

The third character is Sung Dong Il’s role Han Sae Sang, who is described as “the rough speaking head judge.” He gets up and loudly curses at someone in his courtroom. “Lock him up!” shouts Han Sae Sang as he waves his arms around.

The second teaser begins with a statement by an older judge that summarizes the entire video: “Judges these days are so different from how we were back in the day.”

It gives a preview of the friction between the younger, rookie judges and the older, higher-ranking judges. As older judges continue to lecture them at a group dinner, Im Ba Reun drunkenly tells them that everything they say is rubbish.

“The great rebellion of the younger judges has begun” flashes across the screen and the teaser gives viewers a peek at L and Go Ara’s characters’ unique ways of expressing their frustration at their higher-ups.

The words, “Shouting at the nation’s old men” appear followed by, “Shouting at the nation’s department heads,” indicating that this drama will expose bosses and aggressive people in the older generation who try to lecture the younger generation.

“Miss Hammurabi” is a pre-produced drama that will premiere on May 21 at 11 p.m. KST.

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