JBJ Writes Touching Messages To Fans On Final Day Of Their Contracts

With their contracts ending on April 30, JBJ has posted moving messages to their fans and shared photos from their time together.

JBJ consists of eliminated trainees from “Produce 101 Season 2” that many fans knew would be perfect together as a project group. Fans not only named the group JBJ (with one meaning being “Just Be Joyful”), they also made mock-up teasers and more, and their passion about the imagined group gained a lot of attention online.

It was then announced that dreams were coming true as Noh Tae Hyun, Kim Sang Gyun, Kim Yong Guk (Jin Longguo), Kwon Hyun Bin, Kenta, and Kim Dong Han would debut as JBJ in October of 2017. Original member Kim Tae Dong was unable to participate due to a conflict with his agency.

After seven months together during which they released two successful mini albums as well as a special deluxe album, went on an Asian tour, held solo concerts, and even won first place on a music show, JBJ’s contracts ended on April 30.

On that day, the members posted on Twitter to thank their fans Joyful. The official Twitter for the group first shared the members’ autographs, which each include the message “Thank you, Joyful.”

The members then each posted on their group’s Twitter with photos and messages for fans. Kim Yong Guk first posted two selfies with the message, “See you again.”

Kim Sang Gyun shared a sign that reads, “I’ll always be with you.” He wrote, “Thank you to everyone who’s been together with JBJ during this time. I’ve loved our Joyful, love you now, and I’ll continue to love you! It won’t end like this so don’t be sad. If our Joyful cry, I’ll be more sad.”

Kwon Hyun Bin posted with the message, “Thank you for giving me such great happiness during that time. Let’s meet again. You have to always be happy.”

Kim Dong Han shared several tweets with photos of the group and his travels. He wrote to fans, “It was so fun and I was so happy. Thank you.”

Kenta uploaded photos and wrote, “It was such a happy time, thanks to Joyful. Be healthy, our Joyful. Don’t forget that I love you!!!! Loving you. Our Joyful. This has been JBJ’s cutie sexy Kenta!!!”

JBJ leader Noh Tae Hyun wrote, “Thank you for spending this happy time together with us! I’ll love you forever, Joyful.”

As the group’s time together ends, updates were recently shared on their individual plans for the future.

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