“Tempted” Cast Members Share Final Messages As Drama Comes To A Close

Ahead of the final episode, “Tempted” cast members have shared messages of gratitude for viewers.

Woo Do Hwan, who plays Kwon Shi Hyun, commented, “Thank you for liking ‘ShyunTae couple’ and supporting us until the end. I had a fun time working with great people. Shi Hyun, Tae Hee, Soo Ji, and Se Joo will all remain in my heart for a long time. I also want to express my thanks to the staff who have worked hard with us to create ‘Tempted’ since the cold winter.”

Red Velvet’s Joy took on her first leading role on a major broadcasting station through “Tempted.” She shared, “While trying to understand the emotions of being 20-years-old and acting as Tae Hee who loves Shi Hyun no matter what, I think I filled my heart with diverse emotions and feelings of love.” She continued, “Filming throughout the night and the large amount of lines were difficult at times, but it was so fun creating cool work with great staff.”

Moon Ga Young stated, “Thank you for loving ‘Tempted’ until the end and giving warm support to all the characters who have a lot of pain. I think I was able to conclude well with Soo Ji until the end thanks to that strength I received.” She added, “I’m not sure how to send away Soo Ji as I had so much affection. However, I will finish it off well and greet you again soon with a good project. Please wait just a little bit.”

Kim Min Jae concluded, “Because there was a lot of time spent with co-stars who are around my age, I filmed more comfortably, so I think I was able to immerse myself into the role of Se Joo well. Se Joo is a character who I was personally really attached to, so I am very sad that the drama is ending. I do have regrets as I think I wasn’t able to impress more, but I grew a lot and learned a lot while living as Se Joo for a few months. I am thankful for all the moments that I cried and laughed as Se Joo, and to all the senior actors, co-stars, and staff, you have all worked so hard, and thank you.”

The final two episodes of “Tempted” will air on May 1 at 10 p.m. KST.

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