Watch: Lovelyz Takes 1st Win For “That Day” On “The Show,” Performances By SNUPER, UNB, The Rose, And More

Lovelyz has won their first trophy for “That Day”!

On the May 1 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” the nominees for first place were UNB’s “Feeling,” The Boyz’s “Giddy Up,” and Lovelyz’s “That Day.” Lovelyz took the win with a total score of 9,360 to The Boyz’s 4,492 and UNB’s 2,508.

This is the third time in Lovelyz’s history that they’ve won on a music show, after previously also winning on “The Show” for “Now, We” and “Twinkle.”

Watch their performances and win below!

Performers on this week’s episode also included 14U, 5tion, BerryGood Heart Heart, The Boyz, GBB, GreatGuys, HALO, Hwang In Sun, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, IMFACT, IN2IT, NOIR, The Rose, SNUPER, and UNB.

Check out many of them below!

14U – “Dooroo Dooroo”

5tion – “Love Takes Time”

BerryGood Heart Heart – “Crazy, Gone Crazy”

The Boyz – “Giddy Up”

GBB – “Kemi”

GreatGuys – “Ganda”

Hwang In Sun – “Dead Clock”

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong – “Love Tint”

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong – “It Would Be Good” (original by Sung Si Kyung)

IMFACT – “The Light”

IN2IT – “SnapShot”

NOIR – “Gangsta”

SNUPER – “Tulips”

The Rose – “Love in the Milky Way Cafe” (original by 10cm)

The Rose – “Baby”

UNB – “Feeling”

Congratulations to Lovelyz!

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